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"It's better to be an optimistic fool than a pessimistic genius."

Have a seat on the couch! Make yourself comfortable!

[edit] My Contributions

My more major contributions include:

[edit] Other Interests

I also own and can solve an 11x11x11 cube. And I have solved a 25x25x25, and a 50x50x50 cube using Rubix (once one can solve the 6x6x6 and 7x7x7, any size is do-able).
(Note: I firmly believe that anyone can learn to solve the original Rubik's cube simply with the booklet that comes with it. Buy one at a local Toys"R"Us, or find one online.)

[edit] WANTED

A whopping 1,000,000 (punchesintheface) to anyone who can find any of the following for me:

  • Any of the following Fonts:
    • Arial Baltic
    • Arial CYR
    • Arial Greek
    • Courier New Baltic
    • Courier New TUR
    • Futura Bk
    • Futura Medium Condensed BT
    • Times New Roman Baltic
  • An article without an image (that needs one)
  • A reason to go behind the black (like I did with this)
  • A reason to edit out stuff that's just in the foreground (like I did with this and this)
  • An image whose edges I could improve (like I did with this and this)
  • Any other image challenge (like this or this)

Just point me in the right direction on my talk page or via e-mail to claim your 1,000,000 (punchesintheface). That'd be dandy.

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