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  • Oh hello! Greetings one and everyone! Welcome to me. Palaroncini……Larrry! Palaroncini Larry. Ummmmmmm……what else? As is obvious by my username Larry Palaroncini is my absolute favorite character, lead singer, and blond haired person.

I love all their songs and my favorites are as follows:

  • 1. Because, Its Midnight
  • 2. Today is Alright 4 2Nite (from their live concert)
  • 3. Brain Sister
  • 4. Living It Up (from their live concert)
  • 5. Coloring (from their live concert)
  • 6. Showdown (from their live concert)
  • 7. Feed The Childrens (from their live concert)
  • 8. We Don’t Really Even Care About You.
  • 9. Nite Mamas
  • 10. Women and Men (from their live concert)

Even though I have favorites they “…are like my childrens. I love them all!” because you cannot go wrong with a LimoZeen song. Cause they are awesome.

Besides LimoZeen, I have a few other favorites and I will start with the T.G.S. What makes these so great? Obviously the answer is the grody deaths and demises. Top five T.G.S. Deaths:

  • 1. Maniac in a Speedo’d
  • 2. Dropped From Said Hotel Balcony’d
  • 3. Tines
  • 4. Caber Tossed
  • 5. Lathe’d

Aside from death and songs there is the wonderful world of……..SB-emails!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course everybody has a different favorite and my favorite is……wait for it………SB-email 126: Best Thing. Every time I watch this SB-email I laugh myself into a coma. That SB-email is like a tall glass of Suudsu for my soul. Oh so refreshing! No foolin’ man. That stuff is G-E-W-D, gewd. Let us not forget one of the most important/time wasting, things on the site: the Games. My favorites are:

  • 1. Peasants Quest
  • 2. Stinkoman 20X6
  • 3. Thy Dungeonman 3
  • 4. Trogdor
  • 5. Dangeresque

Each game is a priceless, gold plated, 8-Bit, mono-sound, gem.

Lastly my favorite of Marzipan’s answering machine is…..number……5. Mainly because of drunk Coach Z (message 6) and Homestar (message 2).

"KEEP ON ZEENING!" PAIt’s just an LARONCINI It’s just an LARRY 22:27, 30 March 2012 (UTC)

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