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"If I lived in Free Country USA, I would look like this."

Hello! I am SnappySoda!


[edit] Personal Information:

  • My real name is Casey Jo. (CJ works too.)
  • I am from Indiana.
  • I am 22 years old.
  • I am an Englilsh major.
  • I am a licenced mixologist.
  • I can't swim or whistle. :(
  • I am a Nintendo fan.
  • I luv cartoons. :)
  • Contrary to popular belief, I am, in fact, a girl.

[edit] Fandom Information:

[edit] Wiki Information:

  • I joined in fall of 2008.
  • I'm very new to wiki editing. But I'm learning!
  • I mostly edit little things.

[edit] My Externial Links:

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