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Welcome to the unofficial home page for the unofficial Project:Tabs!


[edit] Introduction

A while back, some guy had a crazy idea that the Homestar Runner Wiki could start providing tablature for amateur guitar-players who want to learn how to play the songs on Strong Bad Sings and elsewhere around the site. Hence, Category:Tablature was created, and quickly resulted in tablature for Trogdor, Moving Very Slowly, and Because, It's Midnite. Then the rush stopped. A few additional tabs and chord progressions were posted, but overall the idea lost a great amount of momentum. The same crazy guy who had the idea in the first place decided to put a project in motion to create tablature for every song in the Homestar Runner universe, even if it's only a chord progression. This guy could use your help.

Have a good ear for figuring out music? Bored, and looking for a project to participate in to help improve your wiki? Own a copy of Strong Bad Sings and/or (parts of) the SBCG4AP series? Then grab a guitar, pick a song from the list below, and start tabbing! No sign-up necessary!

No ear? No problem! We're always looking for people to check the work of the tabbers. If something doesn't sound quite right when you play it, post a message on the talk page of the tab (after checking that you're all tuned up). If you found a better way to play a certain part of a song so it sounds more like the original, feel free to edit the tab directly.

[edit] Guitar Songs

These are songs that contain a guitar in the recording. For these songs, a full-on tab is preferred, but if it's chordy, just write the chord names over the lyrics (example).

Done Because, It's Midnite
Done Circles
Done Crystal Fortress
To do Let's get started on doing all those awesome things I suggested
Done Moving Very Slowly
Done Nite Mamas
Done Seasonal Sweaters
Done Sensitive To Bees
To do Showdown
To do Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Theme Song
To do The Cheat is Not Dead
To do Today is Alright 4 2Nite
To do Trudgemank
To do Women and Men
To do The ladies in town all know my name
To do It's like it was meant to be
To do Protest Song
To do Theme from Dangeresque II
To do Brain Sister

[edit] Other Songs

Just because it doesn't have guitar in it doesn't mean you can't play it on guitar. For these songs, a simple chord progression is the standard, but if you want to adapt keyboard or other instruments' parts for guitar, you go ahead and do it.

To do Ballad of The Sneak
To do Everybody to the Limit
To do Loading Screens
To do New Boots
To do Rap Song
To do Secret Song
To do Somebody Told Me (Now I Believe Them)
To do Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
To do Strong Badia National Anthem
To do Theme from Homestar Runner
To do These peoples try to fade me
To do Where U Goin 2?
To do Handle My Style
To do Food-Related Love
To do i think i have a chance with this guy
Done different town

[edit] Notes for Tabbers

Once you finish a tab, go through this checklist:
To do Create a page in the format of (song name) Tablature.
To do Label your tab appropriately ((song) guitar tablature, as performed on Strong Bad Sings, Limozeen Live!, etc).
To do Post the tablature on the newly created page by using the following pre tag: <pre style="padding: 15px; border: 1px solid #000; background-color: transparent; line-height: inherit; font-family: monospace; font-size; inherit;">
To do Put [[Category:Tablature|{{PAGENAME}}]] on the bottom of the page.
To do Link to the tablature by either adding tabs="yes" to the {{Track information}} template for songs or under "See Also" for 'toons with songs in them.
To do Check off the song on this page and change the link so that it goes to the tablature for the song instead of the song's article.

[edit] Bass Tabs

If you would rather tab out songs for the guitar's lower brother, that's great! Follow the exact same instructions written above after you've tabbed your song, and make sure you replace "guitar" with "bass". If there is a guitar tab already on the page, the bass tablature should be put at the bottom (feel free to add a header and put __FORCETOC__ at the bottom of the page).

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