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Secrety secret games, not linked from the main site.

Screenshot Name Description External Links
Old games removed from the games menu.
Lite Brite An older version of the Astro-Lite 2600. It used to be accessible from the Museum, but it was updated when moved to the Handheld Games Menu Play the game
View the Flash file
Taryn getting kicked Taryn Game A Powered-by-The-Cheat-style kicking game where you kick a picture repeatedly. It takes 47 kicks to break. The picture is of a girl, Taryn, from Strong Bad's Message Bored, who finally posted a picture of herself after many people begged her to. View the Flash file
Kick The Cheat Created to promote the Kick The Cheat doll, this game uses Flash LSOs to keep track of how many times the player can kick The Cheat into the brick wall. Play the game
View the Flash file

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