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Images (some in Flash, some not) that are not linked to on the site.

Screenshot Name Description External Links
Calibos An image of Calibos. Possible reference material for Strong Sad in different town. Calibos
Dennis An animated GIF of various actors named Dennis. The cycle of Dennises is Hopper, Leary, Quaid, and Franz. Dennis
Dennis Franz An animated GIF with various images of Dennis Franz. According to the Late Nite JengaJam Interview, this was Matt Chapman's avatar on the Message Bored. Dennis Franz
Joker A photo of Cesar Romero as the Joker. Probable reference material for Strong Bad in Halloween Fairstival. Joker
Happily Deranged Cover of the promotional cassette "Happily Deranged", containing 3 songs from the mid '90s Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete." Happily Derranged
Coolbot Appears to be a line drawing of the Visor Robot. Used on "The_Coolest_Stuff_Ever.COM" banner. Coolbot
Cooltitle A banner reading "THE COOLEST STUFF EVER". Used on "The_Coolest_Stuff_Ever.COM" banner. Cooltitle
Email Updates Before The Brothers Chaps started updating weekly, this was how fans knew when to check Yet again, the link is embedded in the source of the Homestar Talker. View the page
More shirts Shirts Two unreleased shirts; A Waffle House parody shirt and a Jamaican Homestar shirt. View the shirts
The Coolest stuff ever Coolest Stuff Ever Banner A banner which says "THE COOLEST STUFF EVER". Note the title says The_Coolest_Stuff_Ever.COM. The website does not exist though, although a website called does exist. View Coolest Stuff Ever
Pom Pom Glossy A black and white picture of Pom Pom. View Pom Pom Glossy
Homestar Runner Glossy A black and white picture of Homestar Runner. View Homstar Runner Glossy
Marzipan Shirts Marzipan shirts that were never used. One features Marzipan on a pink flower silhouette on a white shirt and the other has inverted colors. Both have the text *MARZIPAN* written below her in purple text. In front of both shirts is the text click to change, clicking it changes the shirt to a version with smaller text, then no text, and then back to normal. Below the shirts is the text:
Which do you like best? I think we should get babydolls, mediums, and spaghetti-strap tanktops. and possibly a couple larges or x-larges for fruity guys.
View Marzipan Shirts
Halloween Fanstuff 35 pictures of people dressed up as Homestar Runner characters for Halloween. Ween Stuff
Halloween Fanstuff Another 5 pictures that link back to the above 35. Ween Stuff
Everybody Knows It Production Photos Three behind-the-scenes images of the first Puppet Stuff video. They used to be Easter Eggs in the fullscreen version. View first image
View second image
View third image

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