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Especially special secret other animations. Yee haw.

Screenshot Name Description External Links
Other Animations
Mattcake Matt Cake A picture of a cake drawn on Matt Chapman's face with his niece. The cake appears to say PATZ on it. Click the cherry farthest to the left to see a picture of Dennis Franz overlapping Matt's face. View the Flash file for Matt Cake
Tirecake and snake Tire Cake A tire with candles. Click on the one fourth from the top (to the right) to see the snake from the Strong Badia flag. View the Flash file for Tire Cake
I am awesomer than you SB Sign A strange Strong Bad sign with Atari Strong Bad waving his hands next to the text "i am awesomer than you" View the Flash file for SB Sign
Old No Flash Page An old error page saying that Flash needs to be downloaded. No Flash
Alternate Halloween Costumes Costumes for The House That Gave Sucky Treats, except that Coach Z is dressed as a Noid, Pom Pom is the Skipper from Gilligan's Island, and Marzipan is Velma Dinkley. Also, The Cheat is wearing a different shirt than in the final version, and The King of Town is missing his mustache. The only movement is a light on The Poopsmith's costume. View the Flash file for Alternate Halloween Costumes
Alternate Halloween Costumes 2 Similar to the above, but this time Coach Z and Pom Pom are wearing their final costumes, though Pom Pom is missing the "I love Flint" button. Marzipan is still dressed as Velma however, and The Cheat and The King of Town still have the same mistakes as before. Also, the background is red, and Coach Z has moved from behind Strong Sad to in front of him. View the Flash file for Alternate Halloween Costumes 2
Homestar's Yearbook It just says "Homestar's yearbook". Scroll over Homestar to hear him say "Sign my yearbook! ... but don't use any swears, because my mom reads it." View the Flash file for Homestar's Yearbook

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