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[edit] A little bit about me.

In 2003, my dad introduced me to Homestar Runner via Strong Bad Emails. One night shortly after, my sisters and I listened to all the existing Marzipan Answering Machines. I remember not getting a lot of the jokes until I watched the characters' page with the VHS tapes. I've been a fan since.

I like to make random H*R references everywhere I go. There are six people I know in real life that gets it when I reference it. I only really discuss H*R with one really nerdy guy. A special nerdy guy. Who is not my boyfriend.

[edit] Things I like the most about H*R

  • I really like Strong Sad's room. Especially his Boys Don't Cry poster. I'm a Cure fan. XD
  • The Experimental Film video. The song and video prompted me to get the album Flood. I'm a TMBG fan. XDD
  • Randomness.
  • I can relate to What's Her Face. She must have been modeled after me.
  • Science Fiction Greg.
  • D 'n D Greg.
  • The excessive use of Chuck Taylor All-Stars.
  • The GREAT Halloween costumes they have. My favorites?

Homestar as Kurt Cobain and Artie the Strongest Man in the World, Strong Bad as Jambi the Genie and Carmen Sandiego, Strong Sad as Mark Mothersbaugh and Vyvyan from The Young Ones, The Cheat as Punchy, and Homsar as Ed Grimley.

  • They Might Be Giants sessions. "He said...MISSION CONTROL! He said...OPEN MIC NIGHT!"
  • And how-oh-how I wish I could hear the John Linnell demo of "Different Town"... I heard the "Different Town" demo, and Linnell did that thing with with his voice during the line " help me through the hard times"...thank you, ACupOfCoffee!

[edit] In conclusion...

Talk to me. I like when people are nice to me. :)

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