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Welcome to my Homestar Wiki Homepage. I joined recently, so there isnt much to see. Take a look around and feel free to look at ANYTHING on this User Page. I know it looks very poorly done, but as I said, I just joined in March 2009. My name is Tyler Bennett from Cincinnati Ohio. Just if you wanted to see me in a SBEMAIL.

Homestar is AWESOME!



[edit] My Interests

Honestly, I'm a fan of Rock&Roll. I think it is the best to listen to, I also like video games, who doesn't!

[edit] Best Ever

I've liked Homestar Runner for a long time. Its the best ever! The geniuses behind it, Matt and Mike Chapman are the greatest animators and voice actors on the World Wide Web. The only problem is, it isn't Nationally known. If they had any advertising or something, they would become really famous! (Yes, I know Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People was advertised.)

The greatest things about this website are the comedy, the references to real things, and the character creativity. You would never think that a (pretty) famous cartoon would have a lot of people with no arms, ridiculous looks, and WAY un-human.

[edit] My List of Interesting Toons

-Here are my picks for toons on the wiki.

[edit] Favorite Characters

-My favorite Homestar Runner Characters.

  • Homestar. He is definitely my favorite. He is the reason why it is "Homestar Runner . com!
  • Homsar. What is short, random and can never die? The funniest character, HOMSAR!!!
  • Strong Bad. Mostly because of e-mails.
  • 1-up and Stinkoman. Nothing better than Japanese animie.
  • The Cheat. He is just cool.
  • Pom Pom. He's a balloon, whats not to like about him?

image:everybody-poster.PNG‎ image:Beating.gif

[edit] Homestar In My Life

There have been many things that involved the website in my life.

  • A middle-schooler name Ryan was writing about a book that involved a dragon. One of the questions on the worksheet with it was: "What did the dragon do in the story?" He wrote: "IT BURNiNATED!" He put the real answer under it. When the teacher saw it, she told him that the dragon wasn't Trogdor.
  • I was talking to a friend of mine named Caleb, I said "You shot Caleb!" Then I realized that was from Bug In Mouth Disease.

[edit] Live-ish Chat

There are a couple around, so I added one. Feel free to talk. Vandalism, swears, and harassment will be DELETED.

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