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[edit] About

Oh, heylo! My name is Volbeat A The Cheat, and this is a User Page!

I have only been a Homestar fan for about... 2 years... but... yeah, I love it! My current favorite SBEmails would have to be alternate universe, dangeresque 3, bottom 10 and japanese cartoon, but I like 'em all anyways.

[edit] Homestar Runner Wiki Contributions

  • I added a fun fact for comic which, last time I checked, hasn't been delorted.
  • I participate in "vital" talks, such as the poopertrooper talk in Sketchbook and have said quite a lot in Stinkoman 20X6.
  • Contributed info for April Fools 2006.
  • Found fun facts (which have been deleted) and a way to die on Thy Dungeonman 3
  • Added a fun fact or two for isp. (which have been deleted, dammit!)

That's about it.

[edit] Contact Me

You can use my user talk page, but don't expect an instant reply. I don't come here often.

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