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This is a short page to keep track of adding short physical description to each of the character pages.


[edit] Main Characters

DoneHomestar Runner
DoneStrong Bad
DoneThe Cheat
Strong Mad

Strong Sad
DonePom Pom
DoneCoach Z

DoneThe King of Town
The Poopsmith

[edit] Secondary characters

[edit] The King's Servants

DoneThe Cleric
DoneThe Blacksmith

To doThe Hornblower
To doThe Knight

DoneThe Little Chef Guy

[edit] Storybook Characters

Characters from the original Homestar Runner storybook or in that style.

To doMr. Bland
To doSeñor
To doThe Grape Fairie
DoneThe Prince of Town
To doThe Umpire

[edit] Miscellaneous

To doThe Announcer
Balding Man
To doBiscuitdoughhandsman
DoneCrack Stuntman

To doThe Goblin
To doMulti-Function Dragon
To doPeacey P

To doThe Sad Kids
DoneSenor Cardgage
To doThe Yello Dello

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