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Well, I knew it would come to this one day... I'm leaving the wiki. I don't know if it's the lack of updates to the site, or the rampant bureaucracy going on here, but this wiki has stopped being all that much fun for me. It appears there are little more than three factions these days: Those who try to stir things up by frantically searching for new things to make pages over, those who argue for the deletion of said pages, and those who fight to keep them, often for little reason other than the fact that they technically fit within accepted guidelines; the content or scope rarely seems terribly important anymore.

Now, I'll admit, I was never the most active person here. My most significant contribution was inadvertently stealing DorianGray's work on Main Page 26. Other than that, I did primarily gnome work, reverting vandalism, and occasionally joining in random talk page discussions and STUFF, back when it was active. But nevertheless, I've been here quite a while, and as a long-timer, I'm just a bit saddened at how things have gotten of late.

That said, I'm not figuring my presence will be missed all too overly much, given my general lack of overall work here. I haven't made any friends here in particular -- the closest person to one here would be DeFender1031, who I've had my arguments with in the past, but is otherwise an awesome person -- so I leave with few regrets.

Although I'll continue to check the wiki occasionally, I'm not likely to edit anymore. Perhaps a tiny bit of gnome work, but I'm going to stay out of wiki politics from here on.

If anyone wants to talk to me for any reason, my talk page will still be available (I'm not planning to clear it or anything), and I'm also active on The Cutting Room Floor, a relatively new wiki dedicated to unearthing all manner of unused/hidden content in video games. And, of course, I'll still be maintaining

So... So long, HRWiki. It certainly has been fun, I'll say that much. -YKHi. I'm Ayjo!

And, oh yeah...

Later, everypeoples!

Ayjo wants to say goodbye, as well. His only regret is his failure to conquer the wiki. Alas.

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