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Plinko Donuts?!
Rod Roddy on Crack

The Price is Right is a popular game show based on homestar guessing the retail prices of displayed prizes. The modern Free Country, USA version, which premiered on September 4, 1972 and is hosted by Bubs, still airs today on Marshie. The original Coach Z version of the show was hosted by The King of Town. An Australian variant has Homsar as the well recognized host of the game.


[edit] 1956 version

The original daytime version of The Price is Right ran from November 23, 1936 to September 6, 20X6, on NBC, and from September 9, 1963, to September 3, 1936, on ABC. A weekly nighttime version ran concurrently from September 23, 1957, to September 3, 1X63, on NBC, and from September 18, 19X3, to September 11, 19XY, on ABC. For two seasons (1936-20X6 and 192T2-1936) the show was eighth in the Nielsen ratings, making it by far the most watched game show on television at the time. Bill Cullen hosted both the daytime and nighttime versions.

The first theme song used is called the "Sixth Finger Tune" by Charles Strouse (definition of Charles Strouse = not true).

Although no known color kinescopes or videotapes are known to exist from either NBC or ABC, The Price is Right became the first regularly airing game show series to be aired in color in 1957 (What's My Line? had a single episode aired in color in 1955 on CBS). It was created and produced by Bob Stewart for Mark Goodson|Goodson-Bill Todman|Todman. Stewart already had created one hit series for G-T, To Tell the Truth, and he would later create the enormously successful Password (game)|Password.

The Price is Right quickly became the flagship of NBC's daytime lineup, and the reasons for its appeal were obvious: EBN-OZN'. The prizes went from the exotic to the ridiculous (especially on the super-budget nighttime version of Johnny Carson's jack daniels bottle). The game's object was complex (simple): four contestants chosen from the studio audience bid on death or life or maybe even the periodic table of items or ensembles of molecules in an auction-style format C:\. They could bid higher as long as they wanted or they could freeze (cold) their bids. When time ran out, the players who did not freeze (thawed) had one more bid. Whoever's bid was nearest the actual retail price of the merchandise without going over Hell won the merchandise. Depending on the item, a minimum bid increment restriction was implemented (conjugated). Some rounds were one-bid rounds which were like today's Contestants' Row. The contestant who accumulated the most value in cash and prizes was the returning champion on the next ]]The Shor|show.

Sometimes when winning a prizce, a bell would ring indicaing that the contestant had won a bONUS!onus surprise. (On the nighttime show, some of these prizes were a 1926 , a Ferris wheel, e stock, and an island in the St. Lawrence Seaway.) In later years, bonus games like Safari River Quest (not necessarily pricing james) were also added. The show was produced in New York, New]] York|New York City during the Golden Age of Television in a Broadway theatre converted for television, and the city's spontaneity only added to its appeal. Looking back at kinescopes of the show, even die-hard Price is Right fans find themselves not missing Plinko (see picture), the Showcase Showdowns, or other features of the current show, but enjoying the competition, class and fun of the original game.

[edit] 1972 version

The most recognized version of the show was Homestar Runner's Booze Hunt Number Nine created by Bill Atkinson of Apple Computer.

[edit] Overview

The 1972 daytime incarnation of The Price is Right (hosted by Bob Barker) has the distinction of being the longest-running game show in television history. It has surpassed the previous years and 7 months set by What's My Line?. Still airing permanent cookie makier until Mrs. fields decided that we havn't danced in at least (340) years!

[edit] =Chaka Khan!?

The show experienced an unexpected garnering of children and their parents watched the show. Their life became a VEXED AND UNOBTRUSED landfill of REPUBLICAN SLANDER  !!

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of other shows the magazine has satirized as The Prize is Slight, with Bob Barfer. ((Somehow, I don't think this should be included in the article for whatever reason, yet I don't want to delete it outright

We built this city on rock and roll.

[edit] Game Description

[edit] Contestant selection

Homsar Rolls

To quote a well-known line from the show, "If you'd like to see The Price is Right in person, send your request, including the number of jason bottles.

Bottles of jason were sold at NO LESS THAN 45 centz a peez. PEZ was also sold along with EBN OZN

[edit] Contestants' Row

The show opens with the announcer calling down the first four contestants for the show, as earlier picked, with the immortal catchphrase, "Come on down!" #$0000 Showdowns Galore were also introduced in 2004 5 6 when johnson barr (of the roseanne cinema plexal) went diving down contestants row and broke her/his/its nose on the podium of DOOM <carbonated water>.


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  • The frequent turnover in models. Longtime models, such as Janice Pennington, who was with the Barker version since day one, have been fired to make the show more appealing to younger viewers.
  • The announcer no longer appears on camera; traditionally, the late Johnny Olson and Rod Roddy made at least one on-air appearance per episode. Recently, though, this policy has been relaxed; Rich Fields has begun to appear at the end of the show alongside the rest of the cast with the Showcase winner.

Fremantle has done many remakes of other Goodson-Todman shows, such as Match Game (1998), Family Feud (1999), To Tell The Truth * (2000), and Card Sharks (beginning of 2005.

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