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[edit] Thanks

Hey Bleu Ninja, thanks for bringing all those older wiki pages back up to date! Many of them needed more TLC than we realized! It is very much appreciated! --Stux 21:16, 4 August 2021 (UTC)

You're very welcome! I appreciate the acknowledgement. -- Bleu Ninja 21:53, 4 August 2021 (UTC)

[edit] Ripped Game Files

I see that you've updated images related to SBCG4AP by "ripping" the graphics directly from the game instead of relying on low-quality screenshots.

Some years ago I was working on completing the dialogue response pages for SBCG4AP. I did this by playing the game as atrociously as possible waiting for Strong Bad to drop hints or trigger unique error messages for unusual combinations, multiple times to see if he reacted differently if events were done in a different order. I'd like to ask if you have access to the game's source files, is it possible to rip out and examine all the dialogue recorded for the game, or can you only rip the graphics files? -- 00:27, 14 September 2022 (UTC)

It's possible to rip out and examine the audio files, yes, but unfortunately for that purpose the dialogue's audio files are named undescriptively (e.g. "92273664.aud") and conversations are split into different files whenever a new character starts speaking. I use the Telltale Explorer to navigate the games' data packs. While you could extract all the dialogue files and listen to them one-by-one to verify our transcripts, I don't know how (or if it's even possible) to access the code that actually shows how any of these lines are implemented. Not to mention there are unused sounds in the game files, too. -- Bleu Ninja 00:46, 14 September 2022 (UTC)

[edit] add ruffle?

Hey, the mirrors don’t have Ruffle on them so now they can’t be viewed. Maybe you could add Ruffle to them? TMBGLOVER 21:26, 24 October 2022 (UTC)

I'm not in charge of the HRWiki's mirrors and I'm not sure who is. -- Bleu Ninja 21:44, 24 October 2022 (UTC)

[edit] Thumbnail images for gifs

For the .gif file format, the image doesn't load in a thumbnail of a different size. In the case of Homsar Main Page right now, the thumbnail would have to be indicated at 360px for the image to show, which (I checked on Show Preview) is huge on the page. Do you think you could re-upload that gif image in a smaller frame? If not, that's okay too; the image still serves the intended purpose. The Knights Who Say Ni 01:45, 4 July 2023 (UTC)

Just checked it and (at least on my end) the thumbnail is showing at 180px. If it would be better to be smaller, I can certainly reupload it at a different scale. -- Bleu Ninja 05:19, 4 July 2023 (UTC)
Shows for me too - 06:45, 4 July 2023 (UTC)
Yes, now it's working for me at 180px. I'm glad; I guess that means you don't have to do anything else. But it still doesn't work at nearby values like 200px, 175px, or 90px which I also tried in preview. But as long as 180px works, I think we're good. The Knights Who Say Ni 17:25, 4 July 2023 (UTC)

[edit] Some rambles about one of your rambles

I actually partially agree with your take on "Sightings". Partially. On one hand, I think it's pretty fun to note when, say, a Trogdor knockoff appears in Amphibia or Disgaea turns a baseball bat weapon into a Strong Bad/Eh! Steve reference, to name two cases off the top of my head. On the other... I have long thought that the Web sightings pages in particular have suffered from a notability issue. We don't exist to advertise people's obscure blogs or YouTube videos just because they mention Coach Z or something. --Jay (Talk) 07:57, 30 August 2023 (UTC)

Agree, good point - "Web" (and other user-generated ones) were what I generally had mind there. When "Sightings" was created, sites like YouTube/Reddit/Twitter/Tumblr were a year or less old; nowadays if anyone's looking for H*R fan creations (or sightings!) they're gonna just search those platforms, which are also more conducive to sharing links or images! The reason I put it on my userpage rather than any of their relevant talk pages is... frankly any updates to the Sightings network of pages would be a ton of work and I don't feel interested enough to contribute, even in offering suggestions. Many of the sightings that are notable are vaguely or poorly written, so you start to get into discussing and developing standards for cleanup... after pitching in one brief suggestion, even if the pages' shagginess does bother me I'm fine with just walking away and letting other intrepid editors get involved there. -- Bleu Ninja 16:44, 30 August 2023 (UTC)

This is more about what you wrote on the HRWIKI: Standards#Fan 'Stumes part. A few years back when I wrote 2019 transcript, I used the word "fan" to describe the costume wearers and got yelled at for it, even though "fan" is in the title. Also, while I am a lifelong fan of Carmen Sandiego games (mostly from the Lynne Thigpen and Chase Devineaux CD-ROM era, and the cartoon with Rita Moreno) and a Zoombini logic master, I am willing to concede that "pizza troll" can be used generically. -- 18:49, 30 August 2023 (UTC)

I'll have to open a conversation about those, then! Shout out to the Zoombinis, a real computer-lab classic. -- Bleu Ninja 19:13, 30 August 2023 (UTC)
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