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hello, i'm erson, about me well, i am cool you know you, no that right? stuff i did once.... um, nothing, no so far....favorites: character:Strong bad email:other days short:Senor Mortgage toon:Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon puppet stuff:Biz Cas Fri 1 holiday:Halloween Fairstival game:Stinkoman 20X6 teen girl squad:issue 9 marz answ machi:version 10.2 powered by the cheese:New Boots my favorite qoutes: strongbad:"screw all ya'll" homestar:"hey guys! hey guys! hey guys! guys! guys!" strongmad:"I DONT WANT TO EAT A GUITAR!" strong sad:"i like boardgames more than i like most people" bubs:"i got all types of crazy crap!" coach z:"yes this phone is plugged in" king of town:"this electricity bill is pretendous!" senor card gage:"my left name is tremoundous savings miss america! go out for a pass!" pom pom:"buble" poopsmith:"hEllo!" the cheat: "the king of town is so lame..."

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