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This Is HomeScar Rammer, the cousin of Homestar Runner. He hates Strong Bad for messing with H*R Let me know what you think


  • Thats pretty cool, did you just edit a Homestar Runner picture? If so, which one? P.S. I like the way you worked in the Bigg Nife. What editing program did you use? Total Spaceship Guy3 22:10, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)

It was just a pic I found on Google. I used MS Paint.

I actually sent an email to Strong Bad as HomeScar Rammer, threatening him to "leave my cousin alone" just to see how they would make him look. (Then I sent one with the pic.) Then I just started to draw pictures of this (the first one was short & I was thinking about putting crescent horns on him)

I was trying to give him all of the things that strong Bad thinks is cool; "Bigg Nife", "Bad Things", "A gun sight on Strong Bad's face", and M.L.P. ....I wonder if I should tell what THAT is.

This is sweet! Like your pic! --Stux 16:09, 27 January 2006 (UTC)

[edit] Racing Rad And Looking For A Challange

I was able to pull this off a NES emulator from the game Rad Racer.

It is the same song that was used in Japanese Cartoon but without the lyrics.

Media:Rad_Racer--Stinko_Man_K_20X6.ogg (I also have the MP3 if anyone wants it)

If anyone knows ho to throw this on the Songs page please do so.

[edit] My online IM with ladeezluvlarry71

Befor we get into this this IS a real IM and my IM name IS regnr8d1 (just don't bug me, ok)

1-31-06 6:30PM

ReGnR8d1:  Larry, what kind of MMORPG do you play?

ladeezluvlarry71: you know

ladeezluvlarry71: the MMORPG

ReGnR8d1:  what is the name of your guild?

2-4-06 7:30PM

ReGnR8d1:  Hey larry, whats the name of your guild? (I wanna join)

ladeezluvlarry71: TehPw0nage

ladeezluvlarry71: you gonna join?

ladeezluvlarry71: awesome

ladeezluvlarry71: what's your lvl?

ReGnR8d1:  Theres not enugh room on the IM for it

ladeezluvlarry71: man... you're totally in

ReGnR8d1:  what's you fave  weapon?

ladeezluvlarry71: my keyswordtar

ladeezluvlarry71: of course

ReGnR8d1:  coooool8-)
ReGnR8d1:  mine is the LazorBlade® throwing Cds
ReGnR8d1:  how many ladeez luv larry?

ladeezluvlarry71: too many to count

ReGnR8d1:  Hey, you wanna see a sweet pic I did for my avatar on msg boards?

ladeezluvlarry71: sure man

ReGnR8d1: sorry it's a link

ladeezluvlarry71: ah, I've seen this before...

ReGnR8d1:  if you wear it on your shirt, it wards off ugly girls +20

ladeezluvlarry71: impressive

ReGnR8d1:  So what kind of bands are you in to?

ladeezluvlarry71: my own... of course

ReGnR8d1:  whrer you playing next?

ladeezluvlarry71: man, we're taking a break from the whole tour scene ladeezluvlarry71: to work on our new album

ReGnR8d1:  you guys got a title and a lead track yet?

ladeezluvlarry71: not yet man... it's still in the early stages ladeezluvlarry71: the MMORPG takes up so much time...

ladeezluvlarry71: you know

ReGnR8d1:  I know, I started to keep a bucket next to me so I don't have to keep getting up...
ReGnR8d1:  if you know what I mean

ladeezluvlarry71: oh man... please

ladeezluvlarry71: spare me the details

ReGnR8d1:  sorry I guess that was T.M.I.
ReGnR8d1:  well then, how do you keep a steady supply of nachos on hand?
ReGnR8d1:  well Larry,I got to go.

I'll catch you in the MMORPG I'll be the guy taking out the guys with masculine names (they're usually nerds)

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