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"No such thing, Stu. No such thing."
"Looks like it woulda been a pile-a-minute!"

Wireless Bizness was an abandoned project created by The Brothers Chaps to have Strong Bad Emails on mobile phones supporting WAP. At the time it was accessible, the few emails that were in it were all plain text with short emails having short answers. One of them was later given animation and featured on the TV Time Toons Menu. E-mail Birds are reportedly based on another three WAP emails. It is not known why this project was terminated.

[edit] Likely WAP Emails

Dear Strong Bad, I drank too much salty plum soda.

No such thing, Stu. No such thing.
how are you why don't you make a joke

Uh, I'm fine, Bettina. Why don't you make a sentence?
Homestar Runner is a total dork. Don't you
think he's a total dork? I think he's a total dork!
-Jeffrey Gilligan

I agree. Don't you think I agree? I agree!
Do you like to horse ride? I am horse woman!
neigh. Horse woman can beat Strong Bad up.

-Naomi, AB

Strong Bad feed horse woman poison oats. *sting* -15 hp

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