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They did a great jorb building this thing.
Score Show-a
More different Score Show-a
0 to WHAT?

There are two scoreboards that have appeared; one in The Athletic Field and one in the Gymnasium.

The athletic field scoreboard is a simple black scoreboard on two poles. It first appeared in In Search of the Yello Dello, and then later in A Jorb Well Done. It has made a few appearances since then.

The gymnasium scoreboard is gray and hangs on the wall, and it is labeled "Score Show-a". It was first shown in montage, where it was used to keep score during the Champeenship. A slightly different version of the gymnasium scoreboard appears in One Two, One Two. This version has a speaker, and it also has the time placed above the score, instead of below. It appeared again in the paper, suggesting that it may be the new scoreboard.

[edit] Irregular Scores

Sometimes the scoreboards display irregular scores. These include negative numbers, letters and even symbols.

  • Email montage — One of the scores changes to -1.
  • Email lady fan — The score changes to -1, then to -51.
  • Email candy product — The score is 0 for CGNU to "R" for TECH.
  • Email the paper — The score is "?" to "$". Then, in an Easter egg, the "?" changes to "G".
  • Email yes, wrestling — The home team has a score of "?". The Flash file shows the other score as "$".
  • Where U Goin' 2? — Both scores display an orange flame during The Cheat's lay-up drills.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Athletic Field Scoreboard

[edit] Gymnasium Scoreboard

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