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*The Old Classic
*The Old Classic
*Thick 'N Nasty (new for a limited time only; endorsed by Peacey P)
*Thick 'N Nasty (new for a limited time only; endorsed by Peacey P)
*Thick-Or-Treat Special (Halloween version of the Thick 'N Nasty

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This article is about the restaurant. For the short, see Blubb-O's Commercial.
"Register does not contain more than 50 doctors."

Blubb-O's is the name of a mysterious fast food restaurant in Free Country, USA. Strong Bad encounters a whale-shaped drive-thru speaker depicting its apparent mascot in Drive-Thru. However, its name, or even the existence of an actual restaurant, was not revealed until email nightlife, wherein Strong Mad uses a greasy bag of fast food from Blubb-O's as Club Technochocolate's guest list. The restaurant itself remained unseen until the short, Blubb-O's Commercial. It is not clear where the restaurant is situated, since although the Drive-Thru Whale has appeared in several different places, the exterior of the restaurant has never been shown; it was clearly not in the vicinity of the Whale when the speaker appeared in The Field. This puzzled Strong Bad, causing him to refer to the "invisible restaurant" which the speaker was presumably associated with.

One of their products is the Spicy Crispy Chicken Melt, which, according to a commercial found in an Easter egg, was introduced when customers stopped buying the Crispy Chicken Melt. Other products include the Blubb-O's Classic, the Original, the Regular, the New Original, the Old Classic, all of which appear to be the exact same product. There is also the Isosceles Fish Sandwich, which apparently no one ever buys. For a limited time, the restaurant is offering the Thick 'n Nasty, which is endorsed by Peacey P. Non-burger products include the Chipotle Potato Nudules, regular Nudules, and the Attempt-At-Competing-With-National-Coffee-Chains Premium Mocha-Chip Meltshake. Ketchup packets, coffee stirrers, and grains of salt are also sold on the menu, and are more expensive than most of its sandwiches. The restaurant boasts that all of its vegetables are hand tossed into a refreshing cascade of water and chopped in mid air. According to a quote of the week, Blubb-O's also offers a Li'l Lubbers kids' meal. Slogans for the restaurant include "Come The Heck Down" and "You guessed it... We're called Blubb-O's".

Employees include Homestar Runner, who works at the counter, and Coach Z, who wears a Drive-Thru Whale costume.

Marzipan does not approve of their service, and has begun a protest to "save the Blubb-O whale", but wants to know whether they use whale meat, or "regular fast food meat", so as to know how strongly to protest them.

Matt Chapman, as Strong Bad, foreshadowed the connection between the Drive-Thru Whale and Blubb-O's in the Drive-Thru DVD commentary, saying that Blubb-O's would be a good name for the restaurant.

Despite the fact that they have six burgers, four of them priced ranging from $1.99-$4.99, five of them are identical and are only advertised at different angles from each other. The only notably different burger is the Thick 'N Nasty, which has a huge patty, whereas the others appear to have a quarter pound of meat.


Known Menu Items



  • Blubbo Classic ($1.99)
  • The Original ($2.99)
  • The Regular ($3.99)
  • The New Original ($4.99)
  • The Old Classic
  • Thick 'N Nasty (new for a limited time only; endorsed by Peacey P)
  • Thick-Or-Treat Special (Halloween version of the Thick 'N Nasty
  • Crispy Chicken Melt
  • Spicy Crispy Chicken Melt
  • Isosceles Fish Sandwich
  • Jalapeño 'n' King Snake Meat Double Deluxe (discontinued)
  • Salad bar


  • Combo Meal
  • Crappy Toy Meal (contains a different toy each week; see below)
    • Also called "Li'l Lubbers Kids' Meal"


  • Nudules ($5.99)
  • Chipotle Potato Nudules


  • Ketchup Packets ($6.99 each)
  • Coffee Stirrers ($7.99 each)
  • Grains of Salt ($8.99 each)
  • Attempt-At-Competing-With-National-Coffee-Chains Premium Mocha-Chip Meltshake


  • Brown things (suggested as a milkshake riding a horse)
  • Blue ones
  • Fish with a duck in its mouth (suggested)
  • French fries wearing a diaper (suggested)
  • Paper crowns (similar to those available from Burger King)
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