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Pom Pom as a Cacodemon

From the DVD commentary for alternate universe:

MATT CHAPMAN: Anybody that's developing portals right now, in the military or in science, needs to stop. 'Cause if video games have taught us anything, it's that a bunch of evil demons from Hell are gonna come out of it and kill us all.

Doom is a video game series centering around a space marine who fights hordes of demons and zombies to save Earth. The first game in the series is widely credited with defining and popularizing the first-person shooter genre, while gaining a notorious reputation for its graphic violence and hellish imagery. The Brothers Chaps have made several references in the Homestar Runner body of work to the series, especially the first two games and Cacodemons, the floating one-eyed demonic foes that appear in the game.


Doom WADs

Ready for .wad time

The Brothers Chaps also make several references to .WAD files. An abbreviation for Where's All the Data?, these file packages are typically fanmade mods for Doom that include new levels, graphics, and other game data. WADs are portrayed as functioning with many various programs, although in reality they are only usable by the Doom engine.

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