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"Let us away to my romantic chateau in the Fantastic mountains!"

While Homestar Runner takes place in and around Free Country, USA, there are a sizable number of cultural references to the French.


  • The Heavy Lourde — In French, "lourde" means "heavy", making the name redundant.
  • Hairstyle Runner — The game is made in Prance.
  • Email halloweenerStrong Bad says "You'll be the belle of the ball", and Homestar Runner replies, "I'm a belle". Belle means, in French, "beauty" or "a beauty".
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 8.0Marzipan says "Bonjour... Je m'appelle" meaning "Hello... My name is" (although she mixes her languages by including "amigos" in her greeting. "Amigos" is Spanish for "friends").
  • Email origins — The name of the emailer's town, Eau Claire, means "Clear Water" in French. Strong Bad mispronounces "Eau".
  • Parsnips A-Plenty — The way The Homestar Runner pronounces "depot" is the French pronunciation.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 2 — The word "Le" in the "Le Girl" magazine means "the" in French, but in the masculine form. The feminine form, which would correspond to "girl", is "La".
  • Email unused emails — Strong Bad pronounces "Illinois" with a French accent.
  • Email dreamail — The official French abbreviation for Monsieur is "M.", but it is misspelled as "Mssr." in the "French Countryside" dream e-mail. This may be based on the abbreviation "Messrs." or "Mssrs.", standing for Messieurs, the plural of Monsieur. The spelling also resembles the way French actually pronounce "Monsieur", which Strong Bad imitates.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — French Homestar talks with a heavy French accent and acts very refined. He has a black Donald Trump style comb-over or toupee.
  • Email highschool — Patrique is a French spelling of Patrick.
  • Email narrator — Some smelly French studio makes the movie "Whatsit All About," which is a four hour film with no dialogue and no plot.
  • Email senior promStrong Sad says Coach Z is supposed to be their chaperone (with a heavy French accent).
  • Weclome Back — Marzipan saying "Toot sweet" is a play on the French phrase "tout de suite" which translates to "immediately" or "at once".
  • Email the chair — Strong Bad's ill-fated chair is called Le Restige.
  • Email your funeral — Strong Sad says that he was about to perform his "chap au fan". He says this with a French accent.
  • Drive-Thru — Strong Bad orders another bottle of Château Prétende, a mistranslation of "Pretend Manor" and a play on classic French wines.
  • Date NiteThe Cheat and Marzipan eat at Marshmallow's l'est Stand.
  • DNA Evidence — Strong Sad pronounces Marzipan's name with a French accent, as "Marzi-pohn".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 13Cheerleader is killed by a French toilet. While killing her, it says "Eau de toilette!"
  • The Limozeen Advantage — Thinking that Advantage is from the French Nebula instead of Jersey, Larry Palaroncini repeatedly pronounces the band's name with a French accent.
  • Email yes, wrestling — Strong Sad's pronunciation of "bring it on" seems to again invoke his French accent.
  • Trogday 08 — Strong Bad uses a faux French accent to sing the final chorus of the The S is for Sucks so[[ng.
  • Email fan club — Strong Sad and Homestar say "Twizzlérs" with a French pronunciation.
  • FAQ — When asked if Level 27 of Trogdor was intentionally unbeatable, TBC replied "non."
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad claims a French guy told him to beat up Homestar.
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog — In the "Playable Demo", an Easter egg adds a mustache on Homestar's face and Strong Bad calls him a "Frenchman".
  • Strong Badia the Free — When Strong Bad tricks Strong Sad into taking his temperature in the Homsar Reservation, Strong Sad pronounces "thermometer" with a French accent.

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