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* [[hrfwiki:|Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki]]
* [[hrfwiki:|Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki]]
*[ Homestar Runner Meetup Groups] — Meet other Homestar Runner fans in your area.
*[ Homestar Runner Meetup Groups] — Meet other Homestar Runner fans in your area.
*<span id="hrnet">[ Homestar Runner Network (] &mdash; Originally referenced in [[First Time Here?]]. Once the most popular Homestar Runner fan forum; currently a community portal under construction.</span> Now redirects to the Homestar Runner Wiki.
*[ The Isle of Pom fan site]
*[ The Isle of Pom fan site]
*[ Limozeen Mini-Shrine]
*[ Limozeen Mini-Shrine]

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Links to other Homestar Runner related websites.


Official Sites

Sites created by The Brothers Chaps listed in order of their relevance to Homestar Runner.


Mirrors to some of the content from the official site listed in alphabetical order.

  • Kitkorp Mirror — This mirror has different incarnations of the various pages saved all in one place, as well as the error message from the old Strong Bad's Message Bored.
  • Old Quote of the Week mirror — This mirror has a large collection of quotes, and has previous quotes neat and orderly. Only goes from Jul. 2004 – Feb. 2005 (with lots of past ones)
    • Quote of the Week mirror — A sequel to the original site. See the final update on the original site for the reason. From March 2005 – Present. (With a collection of old ones, yes.)
  • Wayback Machine — contains versions of the site from years ago to months ago.


Articles about Homestar Runner or The Brothers Chaps listed in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).

Interviews with the Creators

Fan Sites

Fan-created sites listed in alphabetical order.

Fan Forums

Bulletin board sites listed in order of membership total.

Other Sites

Listed in alphabetical order.

Redirects not owned by The Brothers Chaps

Listed in alphabetical order.

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