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'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' {{Film|Homestar Runner}}
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' {{Film|Homestar Runner}}
'''Current Page Title:''' That's [[Mike Chapman|Mike]] going 'Beeooo!'
'''Original Page Title:''' Everyone Loves the Homestar Runner
'''Page Title (when it was the actual intro rather than a [[Museum]] artifact):''' Everyone Loves the Homestar Runner
'''Current Page Title:'''  That's [[Mike Chapman|Mike]] going 'Beeooo!'
'''Running Time:''' 0:15
'''Running Time:''' 0:15

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He is a terrific athlete

The original intro to the site.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Original Page Title: Everyone Loves the Homestar Runner

Current Page Title: That's Mike going 'Beeooo!'

Running Time: 0:15

Fun Facts

  • The intro music is the "Disco" rhythm on the Casio SK-1 keyboard, played on different pitches.
  • This intro quotes the Original Book.

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