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"I can see you from here!"
Original Original Bubses

Original Bubs, according to Strong Bad, is Bubs as portrayed by the original actor. He bears only a passing resemblance to the current Bubs, and his design is based on a preliminary drawing of Bubs as seen in the Sketchbook from the Museum.

The biggest difference between Original Bubs and new Bubs is that Original Bubs's head is a different shape and has a much darker blue hue. He also has dark blue hands with fingers, unlike today's Bubs. His voice is somewhat like the current Bubs, but deeper and less gravelly. His mouth, instead of shaking, opens in the bottom as he talks. His feet are like those of the current Bubs, but are much smaller and make hip-hop sounds when he walks. He also lacks the green "jiggle-belt" that Bubs has. He apparently has very good eyesight.

Strong Bad tells his tale in original, saying that Original Bubs quit after the King of Town somehow ate the mayonnaise off of his egg salad. The other characters initially pretended he was still there by repeating what he allegedly said and indicating that he was behind large boxes. Eventually, he was replaced by "guest" Bubses: some of them actors (Crack Stuntman and Senor Cardgage), one of them an onion with Bubs's face drawn on it, and finally by the current Bubs.

Bubs denies this story and violently threatens Strong Bad to recant it. Marzipan also indicates that Strong Bad made it up.

Original Bubs is always referred to as "Original Bubs", even in flashbacks. This is most likely because "Original" is part of Original Bubs's name.

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