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Showering is an activity that the characters of the Homestar Runner universe often do, or refrain from doing.


Not smelling like wet tech support with onions.

Not Showering

"I'm pretty sure he's surpassed that one by several fortnights at this point."
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 9The Ugly One says that she can stop showering after Cheerleader gets Driver's Ed'ed dead.
  • Email record bookCoach Z holds the record for longest showerless streak (65 Days, 3 Hours, 42 Minutes), but Strong Bad comments that the figure is outdated, and that Coach Z has probably surpassed that by several fortnights.
  • Biz Cas Fri 2Strong Bad says that Homestar Runner apparently didn't want to remember to take a shower, adding that he smells "like wet tech support with onions."
  • Commandos in the Classroom — Next week's lesson, #5, is "LISTEN YOU GUYS, YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO START SHOWERING EVERYDAY".
  • Email hygieneCoach Z claims he thought the shower heads in the locker room where he lives were his "drippy, broken speakers."
  • TrudgemankPeacey P tells Taranchula "Maybe some of y'all fellas can maybe think about taking a shower somethin' next time before ya come up in here. Stank!"

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