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"Shut up, lady! Peaceful is not how I roll."

After a voiceover comment by a soft-voiced woman, Strong Bad will sometimes exclaim, "Shut up, lady!" Her most common comment is "that looks sinful", referring to food or food-like substances that seem bad for your health.


Strong Bad

  • Email bottom 10 — An off-screen woman asks if a chocolate dessert is fat-free.
  • Email your funeral — An off-screen woman comments that Strong Bad looks "so peaceful".
  • Email licensed — An off-screen woman tells her friend, Vera, that the Biscuitdoughhandsman paper towels are "exorbitantly absorbent".
  • Email dictionary — An off-screen woman comments on a dictionary covered in butterscotch sauce. In this instance, Strong Bad says "shut up" twice, possibly addressing the character as the "Shut up Lady".

Other characters

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