The King of Town's Castle

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*[[Strong Badia the Free]]
*[[Strong Badia the Free]]
*[[Most in the Graveyard]]
*[[Most in the Graveyard]]
*[[Dangeresque 3:The Criminal Projective]](as "Catacombs")

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Ye Olde Castle

The King of Town's Castle is the home of The King of Town and his servants. It features a lot of wood and stone, as you would expect in a castle. Obviously, he keeps a lot of food here as well, some appetizing and some just plain weird and gross.

It includes a ventilation duct, in which Strong Bad left an open can of mayonnaise as a prank. He also has a stand-up arcade game called Typing Tutor Turbo, with which Strong Bad abused the King of Town. Strong Bad claimed that the King of Town lives in a 2-bit run down place next door to him, but this is obviously untrue.

There's a dining room and a party room where the King of Town and The Poopsmith have hung out with some of the lesser characters, such as Pom Pom and Homsar. The King of Town also owns a television, where he eats while watching shows such as Caleb Rentpayer.

The Poopsmith shovels his pile of whatsit outside of the castle. The King of Town's grill can also be found nearby. It serves as The Cheat's house.

The castle has a large smiling face for the entrance, a tongue for a drawbridge and a moat. It also has a flock of sheep grazing nearby, and a Graveyard behind it where a Carnivorous Undead Sheep lives out its afterlife.

Along with the Poopsmith, The King of Town also employs a knight and hornblower. There's a blacksmith who works in a forge, a chef who works in a kitchen, and a cleric.

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