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The King of Town's Food is the collection of products that are chosen by The King of Town for primary consumption. His diet is odd even by Homestar Runner standards.

Image Appearances Description
suntan, the bet
[edit] Animal Phat

A brand of lard (the container says "It's lard, yo!") that The King of Town took from Strong Bad in suntan. It later appeared on the top shelf of The King of Town's food cabinet in the bet.

Who Said What Now?, The House That Gave Sucky Treats, Revenge of the King, suntan, the bet, Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Anything with "butter" in the name
Mayo Commmandos! the bet
[edit] Army-Style Mayo

Army-Style Mayo is a military-worthy brand of mayonnaise. Strong Bad left an open can of it in The King of Town's ventilation ducts as a practical joke.

[edit] Awwww Gratin Potates

A 200-pound bag of Awwww Gratin Potates is stocked by The King of Town in his pantry. He is particularly proud of the fact that his bag is of the 1983 "vintage." This foodstuff is a spin on the thinly sliced potatoes and cheese dish known as "au gratin."

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Bananas

Strong Bad is surprised that the King of Town would eat anything as healthy as a banana. He later uses the peel to great effect getting the uninvited party guests out of his house.

Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Bleached buttered bats

After Strong Bad pours a tureen filled with butter into a fog machine during his concert, the fog becomes buttery and covers Strong Sad's previously bleached bats in butter. This makes them irresistible to the King of Town, who greedily eats them onstage and causes the audience to cheer him on in a frenzy.

It's Butter-da! the bet
[edit] Butter-da

Butter-da is apparently some form of automotive fluid, but The King of Town enjoys it and advertises it as if it's a soda. Its tagline is "They tell me not to, but I still drinks it!"

Butter-da's disclaimer: "Butter-da is noh hush a bush push leopold."

Homestar Ruiner, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, Haunted Photo Booth
[edit] Cake

The King of Town dresses specifically as a version of Alice from Alice in Wonderland that was featured in Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" video, where Alice is transformed into a cake. He carries a cake slice that appears to have been taken from his body.

3 Times Halloween Funjob
[edit] Candy corn-shaped Halloween lights

Marzipan hangs a string of holiday lights shaped like candy corn for Halloween. When she leaves the house to check on what might be causing electrical disturbances, she is incensed to find that the King has eaten her candy corn lights.

monster truck
[edit] Cardboard boxes covered in syrup

One of the events for Awexome Cross '98 is for The Cheat to roll inside The Tire and jump over the King of Town eating a cardboard box covered in syrup. The King remarks that the box is a good cake. "The Mrs. Syrup" is a reference to Mrs. Butterworth's.

Halloween Potion-ma-jig
[edit] Chicken (both baked and Kentucky Fried)

The King of Town dresses up as Colonel Sanders, the mascot of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain, and brings a bucket of chicken with his costume. He also claims to have a secret recipe with 11 herbs and spices, but the one that Homestar Runner steals is a decoy with only 10 herbs and spices.

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Chocolate-covered organic packing peanuts

The King of Town steals many boxes of this candy that Strong Bad leaves on Marzipan's doorstep. Strong Bad will not eat the candy, and Bubs also dislikes having too many boxes of it stinking up his inventory. However, Marzipan expresses pleasure when she finally receives a box.

"Hey, you stole my cocoa butter!" suntan, the bet
[edit] Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter originally belonged to Strong Bad, but was stolen by The King of Town in suntan.

The King of Town's Character Video
[edit] Corndog batter

Throughout his character video, The King of Town is anticipating finishing his speech and consuming the contents of a bowl he's holding, which turned out to be filled up with Corndog batter.

[edit] Cotton balls

Strong Bad suggests using cotton balls in a diorama, but substitutes chunks from the King of Town's beard after the King admitted to eating all the cotton balls.

[edit] Denture tablets

He eats these as after-dinner mints.

Deodorant'd secret recipes
[edit] Deodorant

Various brands and styles of deodorant are often snacked upon by The King of Town, especially while he is watching the soap opera Caleb Rentpayer. The deodorant labels include: "X-treme Glacier", "Old Mountain Fog", "Arctic Pure", "De-odor Cake", "Forest Rush", and "Tundra Mist". It is interesting to note that nearly all of them are named after biomes. According to the King of Town, they're "strong enough for a man but tasty enough for a king". Strong Bad tried to gross out or make puke of The King of Town by eating a Speed Stick with white chocolate inside.

Donut Unto Others
[edit] Doughnuts

The King of Town claims he needs about 3 to 8 million donuts to maintain his caloric intake, and forces Homestar Runner and Bubs to compete for his patronage at their respective donut shops.

Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Electrical cable

Strong Bad finds that the button that releases his amazing stage prop no longer functions, since the King of Town had chewed through the cable.

the movies
[edit] Fajitas

The King of Town sneaks these fajitas into the movie theater in the movies, claiming that they, along with the mariachi band accompanying his dinner, were all in his box of Milk Duds.

Jibblies 2, Homestar Ruiner, Strong Badia the Free, Halloween Hide & Seek
[edit] Giblets

Confusing the word "jibblies", the King of Town decides he would like some of the "giblet flu" that's been going around because it sounds delicious. He then gets the jibblies shortly afterward. In Halloween Hide and Seek he again mentions the giblets and claims the giblets were a lie when shown the Jibblies Painting.

In Strong Badia the Free, Bubs complains that the King is buying up all his stolen organs, except he calls them "giblets". Similarly, Bubs guesses that Strong Sad's pretendix is a batch of homemade meats.

more armies
[edit] Giblet gravy

The King of Town is seen being fed giblet gravy directly through a respirator machine, making him too busy to speak with interested visitors directly.

record book
[edit] Giant Pile of Salt

The King of Town sucks up a giant pile of "Standard Nathan Brand" salt in record book. After eating this, he suffered multiple heart attacks (although he was not debilitated by them) which occurred in such close succession that they seemed like the hiccups. Next to the giant pile, there is the salt shaker from Meet Marshie.

Homestar Presents: Presents
[edit] Gravied Yams

One of the two foods at the "Left Out Characters Support Group & Buffet" the King of Town hosts for Decemberween. Coach Z lies to his parents saying he has gravied yams for his Decemberween feast.

Homestarloween Party, The House That Gave Sucky Treats, Revenge of the King, Halloween Fairstival, Homestar Presents: Presents, Halloween Potion-ma-jig, Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True
[edit] Ham

The King of Town loves ham. He finds it heavenly. When going trick-or-treating, he requested that the house that gave him butterscotch candies melt them down and pour them over a ham which he carried with him. Ham and mashed potatoes are foods which slow the King down while he goes on a cannoning rampage. An X-ray of his heart shows that it is the same exact shape as a ham.

Decemberween Short Shorts, Haunted Photo Booth
[edit] Himself

As a cookie-style ornament, Homestar asks if it would be wrong to want to eat oneself. The King responds that with the right seasonings, it wouldn't be the first time he had tried. He also appears to eat a slice of cake that was cut out from his own body.

His character video
[edit] His mustache

The King dispels rumors that he has tried to eat his own mustache.

Now with more Ice and Cream! the bet
[edit] Ice Style Cream

Ice Style Cream is an ice cream product favored by The King of Town. Only three flavors are mentioned: "choco-gravy", "maybe mint?", and "casserole flavor".

keep cool
[edit] Lard Wipt

Lard Wipt is a brand name of canned whipped topping. In an Easter egg, the The King of Town sneaks up behind Strong Sad with a cherry and a can of Lard Wipt, in response to Strong Bad's comment earlier in the email about Strong Sad's "disturbing soft-serve flip".

Decemberween Short Shorts
[edit] Last Three Items in the Pantry Special

In response to Ornament Strong Bad's threat that he would stuff The Ornament King Of Town "full of coal", The King replied that "that wouldn't be so bad", and he proceeded to list the other ingredients of this concoction that consists of onion salt, hot sauce, and lumps of coal, and costs $f.ood.

Out popped a lifetime supply of fishsticks. flashback
[edit] Lifetime Supply of fishsticks

In flashback, a lifetime supply of fishsticks pops out of the egg (and a The Cheat). In an Easter egg, it is implied that the then svelte, young Prince of Town ate the fishsticks, and this is why the King is so weighty today.

Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Map

The King of Town puts Strong Bad under house arrest and then gobbles up Strong Bad's map.

Marshmallows One Two, One Two
[edit] Marshmallows

The King of Town eats loudly and rhythmically from two piles of marshmallows.

sbemail 206
[edit] Mirror
[edit] Motherboard (covered in 70% cacao)

Confused on what "Club Technochocolate" is, the King starts his own club where he dips electronics in chocolate.

Most in the Graveyard
[edit] Pickled monkey fingers

Strong Bad carried pickled monkey fingers into the graveyard with him to use in a ritual to reanimate a dead body. When they go missing, the King denies knowledge of their whereabouts while fleeing the scene quickly.

Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2.0, KOT's VOQPCS!, pizza joint, Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Pizza

The King of Town's chef delivers a pizza to the castle, which the King happily shares with everyone else. He orders a Thanksgiving lover's pizza from The Pizz. He also wolfs down and slobbers all over several vegetarian pizzas at Marzipan's victory party.

business trip
[edit] Cans of Pork b/w Beans

The King of Town, as the "foreign conglomerate" demands that Strong Bad and Homestar provide him with units in exchange for a piece of lasagna. Homestar had packed several cans, but only managed to smuggle two of them past airport security. The King accepts them anyway.

Pork pork pork! the bet, boring (really)
[edit] Pork Ramblins and Pork Snagglins

Pork Ramblins and Pork Snagglins are kept in a large supply in The King of Town's pantry. They are most likely two different kinds of pork rinds, but the difference between Ramblins and Snagglins is unclear.

the bet
[edit] Potate

One of the items the King keeps in his pantry at the castle.

Bug In Mouth Disease
[edit] Prescription ice cream

The King and Pom Pom are both eating chocolate-covered popsicles when Homestar steals and eats them, claiming it will help him "freeze out" the bug that he accidentally swallowed. The King protests that his ice cream is prescription.

Pumpkin Carve-nival
[edit] Pumpkin Pie

Provided a pumpkin to carve for a contest, the King of Town finds that his pumpkin looked particularly luscious and baked it into pumpkin pie. He had eaten most of it before entering the remainder of the pie into the contest.

3 Times Halloween Funjob
[edit] Raw eggs

Strong Bad offers the King a dozen eggs and a roll of toilet paper in exchange for the King leaving them alone. The King accepts the offer readily, and eats the eggs without bothering to cook them.

winter pool
[edit] Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance

After Strong Bad and his gang filling up the empty municipal pool with gelatin and subsequently becoming trapped inside it, The Poopsmith signals to the King to eat the entire pool's worth of gelatin in order to free everyone.

The Best Decemberween Ever
[edit] Roast Bunny

In the song sung at the end of The Best Decemberween Ever, The King of Town is seen holding up a roast bunny and wishing it was supersized.

Homestarloween Party, Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2.0 (mentioned)
[edit] Salisbury Sundaes

The King received his year's supply of Salisbury sundaes while trying to invite Marzipan to a banquet, which never happened because after this he never called her back.

the bet
[edit] Schenectady Crispies

One of the items the King keeps in his pantry.

8-Bit is Enough
[edit] Scorpion Food (as Munchox)

When the boundary between reality and video games is broken, the King of Town is transformed into a scorpion beast called Munchox the Devourer. In order to lure Munchox into attacking Strong Sad, Strong Bad gives Strong Sad a cube of scorpion food and claims it is actually the quest item Strong Sad wanted.

The King of Town DVD
[edit] Sheep (lamb chops)

The King of Town is distressed that his sheep are missing, and believes that a dragon may have eaten them. Homestar later discovers their actual fate, as the King had forgotten that he had eaten them himself.

Where's The Cheat
[edit] Steak

The King of Town brings a steak to prepare on his grill, only to find that The Cheat is sleeping there, and that The Cheat also maintains a permanent residence there.

keep cool
[edit] Strong Sad's "disturbing soft-serve flip"

In an Easter egg, the The King of Town sneaks up behind Strong Sad with a cherry and a can of Lard Wipt, in response to Strong Bad's comment earlier in the email about Strong Sad's "disturbing soft-serve flip".

Homestar Presents: Presents
[edit] Stuffinged Ham

One of the two foods at the "Left Out Characters Support Group & Buffet" the King of Town hosts for Decemberween. Coach Z lies to his parents saying he has stuffinged ham at his Decemberween feast.

Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Swiss Cake Rolls (Creamy Ding Snack Cakes)

The King of Town imposes a tax on emails in the form of one snack cake for each email sent or received. He then imprisons Strong Bad inside his own house for his failure to pay. Strong Bad later turns the tables by imposing a tax on the King's snack cakes.

Good Gravy! for kids
[edit] The KOT's Good Gravy

This foodstuff is found in an Easter egg by clicking on the words "Good gravy". It is sold in 104 oz. cans, and its slogan is "I don't lets the Poopsmith near it!"

3 Times Halloween Funjob
[edit] Toilet paper

Strong Bad offers the King a dozen eggs and a roll of toilet paper in exchange for the King leaving them alone.

Halloween Fairstival
[edit] Turduckens

The King of Town sponsors an event at the annual Halloween fair. In a variation of the traditional "bobbing for apples", he creates "bobbing for Turduckens", which are submerged in mashed potatoes.

No Hands On Deck!
[edit] TV remote control

The King of Town spits out a remote control after Homestar announces that he is going to build a deck.

fan club, I Killed Pom Pom
[edit] Whatsit

Strong Bad writes in a story that the King of Town ate an entire pile of Whatsit. The King sadly replies that he wishes that was fiction. Later, the King tells the Poopsmith that he didn't eat the pile of Whatsit, and uses Homestar as a convenient patsy to blame for eating the Whatsit pile.

Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Wii Remote

While Strong Bad is searching for other musicians to recruit for his own band at the Battle of the Bands, the King of Town is seen eating a Wii Remote; Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People was playable on the Wii and heavily marketed with Wii Remotes.

[edit] Wooden tables

While a giant Bubs is going on a rampage across town, the King is minding his own business at a wooden table with several bites taken out of it.

[edit] Unseen Foods

Appearances Description
Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon
[edit] Biscuit dough

The King of Town describes the perpetrator who stole his crown as having "hands shaped like biscuit dough". Later, after returning home, he remarks that he feels like eating biscuit dough.

Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 11.2
[edit] Buffalo wings

The King of Town phones Marzipan in distress over his missing napkin, "The Flamingo", which he uses when eating buffalo wings. He says he has "like, fifty frickin' wings" which he can't eat without it.

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Buttermilk
Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Chili mac
Marzipan's Answering Machine version 16.2
[edit] Chocolate dipped tapeworm
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Cold cuts
Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
[edit] Danish
Toikey TV
[edit] Fried turkey

The King of Town goes on television with an important public service announcement telling people that thousands of families suffer from not-fried turkeys, and encourages viewers to fry their Thanksgiving turkeys.

Most in the Graveyard
[edit] Hello Kitty erasers

The King of Town confuses Hello Kitty erasers as his favorite candy.

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] His foot

Apparently, the King of Town has managed to accidentally swallow his foot at least twice.

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] His tongue
Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Jelly beans

After slapping Strong Bad with a massive tax for e-mails and placing him under house arrest, the King leaves with the Poopsmith to begin collecting on his "pour an entire bag of jelly beans down [his] gullet" tax.

Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 2.0
[edit] Lamb

The King of Town keeps trying to invite Marzipan to a banquet at his castle, but is too ecstatic when his leg of lamb arrives to stay on the line.

Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
[edit] Macadamias
[edit] Mayonnaise

Original Bubs quits the show when he finds that someone has eaten all the mayonnaise off his egg salad, but left the salad. The King of Town claims it is a trade secret as to how he did it.

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Meatballs
the movies
[edit] Milk Duds

The King likes to sneak all-you-can-eat fajitas into the movie theater, but claims that the everything was packed inside his box of Milk Duds.

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Mini-breads
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Nougat
Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Oatmeal

One of five options the King suggests for the center initial of the band DÖI.

Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Octopus

One of five options the King suggests for the center initial of the band DÖI.

Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Oliveloaf

One of five options the King suggests for the center initial of the band DÖI.

Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Omelette

One of five options the King suggests for the center initial of the band DÖI.

Baddest of the Bands
[edit] Oysters

One of five options the King suggests for the center initial of the band DÖI.

[edit] Puppies

The King of Town asks that The Poopsmith pack his bags and plastic fangs after hearing Strong Bad claim that in Transylvania, it is required by law to eat puppies for breakfast.

Halloween Potion-ma-jig
[edit] Regurgitated food (at least a ham sandwich that Homestar ate)

After Homestar relates a story where he discovers a ham sandwich that the King buried years ago and subsequently ate, Homestar ends the tale saying he almost felt like puking it back up onto his plate. The King replies that he wishes Homestar had.

Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Royal bologna
Homestar Ruiner
[edit] Royal custard
Mr. Poofers Must Die
[edit] Sea Monkey Po'boy

The Poopsmith dressed up as a sea monkey and The King Of Town admits to breeding sea monkeys large enough to make po'boys out of them.

8-Bit is Enough
[edit] Strudel
[edit] Sunflower seeds

After striking out in Kick-A-Ball, the King is loaded into a catapult and fired. He is dismayed that he didn't even receive any sunflower seeds before being ejected from the game.

Strong Badia the Free
[edit] Thin gravy film

After reading that Strong Bad has imposed a tax on Creamy Ding Snack Cakes, the King is appalled, and compares it to placing a tax on the laughter of a child, or the thin film that forms on gravy when left out too long.

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