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"I feel so fine, I feel so elated!"

The description Not X (where "X" can be anything) is sometimes used in odd ways or contexts. It is often used in the context of "something other than".

[edit] Appearances

  • Pumpkin Carve-nivalBubs gets awarded a "NOT LAST" ribbon for his pumpkin.
  • Email unused emails — In an Easter egg, one of the unused emails seen in the middle stack of emails is signed "YOUR NOT BIGGEST FAN, EVAN".
  • Email personal favorites — The Grape-Nuts Robot has a "Not New!" sticker.
  • Ballad of the Sneak — The Sneak does the Hully Gully on a barrel that was specified to be "Not the Panama Canal".
  • Email kids' book — Strong Bad finishes the book with "no two people are not on fire."
  • Thy Dungeonman — One of the exits is "Not Dennis".
  • Email other days — Strong Bad's calendar shows he has "NOT swim practice!" scheduled for Saturday.
  • Email old comics — Strong Bad claims that the reason for needing two authors for The Castlefunnies was: "one to not think of something funny, and the other to think of something not funny."
  • Email the factsStrong Mad's "floppy disk container" drawn on a cardboard box was originally labeled "NOT CAR PARTS".
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 12.2Marzipan leaves herself a prank call, claiming to be "Not Marzipan".
  • Email bottom 10
    • Strong Bad describes dry T-shirt contests as a "waste of not water".
    • He says that the number 5 item on his bottom 10 is "not pigeons".
  • Email geddup noise — After the "The Git Outcha-Seat Sound" clip, Strong Bad claims it to be "not nu— anything".
  • Email high school
    • Strong Bad concludes with the score report "Strong Bad Emails: 1, Not Strong Bad Emails: 0."
    • Baby Coach Z is playing with a cardboard box that reads "Not A Ball".
  • Kid Speedy — Completing the game awards the player with a message saying, "YOU GOT NOT DEAD LAST!"
  • Email theme song — It bugs Strong Bad that the emailer's face "doesn't have a not tons of acne".
  • Email trading cards — Strong Bad thinks trading cards are "the biggest waste of not a video game on the planet".
  • Fan Costumes '06 — Strong Bad comments on a Homestar Runner costume saying, "Yes, a little chicken wire and papier mâché goes not a very long, long way."
  • Email looking old — Strong Bad asks, "What am I not paying you people for?"
  • Jibblies 2 — Homestar tells Marzipan he's "busy not answering the phone", and eventually becomes done "not answering the phone".
  • Toikey TV
    • Strong Bad wants to watch "not football".
    • The King of Town decries the dangers of "not fried turkeys".
  • Email business tripThe Cheat gets promoted to "Junior Executive Of Not Having To Go On Pointless Business Trips".
  • Email diorama — Strong Bad reads the email sender's location, "Charlotte, N.C.", as "Charlotte, Not Charlotte".
  • Email nightlifeStrong Sad talks about busting out some fresh not dancing, to which Marzipan responds that she plans to bust out some fresh not hanging out with Strong Sad.
  • Email environment
    • Strong Bad explains his most significant contribution to the environment by saying, "Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is NOT drop a piano on Marzipan's head."
    • He admits that he's rescued greenhouse gases by "not mortally wounding ol' Marzipole".
  • Email buried — Strong Bad's business card refers to him as "Your Friendly Neighborhood Not-The-Police".
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog (24 Apr 2008) — Strong Bad's "Currently Playing" field of the post was "Not MS Paint".
  • Email love poems — Homestar's acrostic poem has the A in Marzipan stand for "not-organic apples".
  • Email magic trick — Strong Bad describes "flowy-sleeved" magicians as having "really not a lot of magic."
  • Homestar Ruiner
    • When Strong Bad finds a Teen Girl Squad card near the Race Track with the Taranchula Black Metal Detector, he remarks, "Another Teen Girl Squad idea card, another totally not metal object."
    • Strong Bad boasts that the winner of the Free Country, USA Tri-Annual Race to the End of the Race was actually himself in a "not-from-Marzipan's-float" Homestar disguise.
  • Strong Badia the Free
    • The newsreel reporter notes Strong Sad's display of "not courage" when Strong Bad conquers the Bleak House.
    • In a hint encouraging the player to check Strong Bad's room, Strong Bad wonders aloud if he remembered to not make his bed.
    • When Strong Bad attempts to use the lighter on someone else, he says "I'd love to see him not not on fire, but not not not now."
  • Email email thunder
    • Strong Bad says he's "almost not totally disgusted" by The Poopsmith singing.
    • Later, Strong Bad asks Homestar for a tour of his "not-in-front-of-your-computer".
    • During a review, Strong Sad tells the viewers to "be sure and not check out [his] blog".
  • Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective — If Dangeresque inspects one of the city limit signs, he'll say that that direction is "too not dangerous enough for [him] to bother with".
  • 8-Bit is Enough — Strong Bad asks Gel-arshie why he's just standing around "not not loafing".
  • Hremail 62 — Homestar says that his brellow crayon can draw "not quite hornets".
  • Where U Goin' 2 — Marzipan's choir is labeled "not dumb" on a chalkboard.
  • Poker Night at the Inventory — Upon being eliminated from play, Strong Bad may say, "Well, that was a quivering pile of not fun."
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2 — After leaving depressing messages on the answering machine, Strong Sad says "Take that, not-depressing Strong Sad!"
  • Fan Costumes 2017 — The game cartridge for Xeliogravius IV says "Not a total rip-off!"
  • The House That Gave Sucky Tricks — Strong Bad's haunted house is called "St. Cadaverstump's totally not just an old furniture warehouse morgue-tuary!"
  • Front Facing — Strong Sad sells snowballs to Pom Pom from a bucket labeled "NOT the scam!"

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[edit] Non X

  • Email flashback — Strong Bad says that if Homestar lived in the house of the Brothers Strong, he'd "have less non-broken bones".
  • Email pop-up — Strong Bad claims that pop-up books supply The Cheats and four-year-olds with "seconds of non-ripped apart fun".
  • Email web comics — Strong Bad advises the creators of video game comics, "when your pixel comic's not funny, MS Paint your way to a non-punchline!"
  • Email licensed — One of the knock-off DVDs that has a generic title is "Jungle Animals in Decidedly Non-Jungle Situations".
  • 8-Bit is Enough — One of the rankings in the game is called "Non-Lame Movie Tie-In".

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