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Decemberween food is traditionally prepared and consumed around the festive time of Decemberween.

[edit] Foods

Image Description Appearances
"I wish this one was supersized." It is unclear if bunnies are a common Decemberween dish, or if they are enjoyed only by the King of Town. The practice seems to be widespread enough for it to be mentioned in a Decemberween song and for Marzipan to create a protest sign against it. The Best Decemberween Ever
"Pass the gravied yams, please." Gravied Yams are brown and resemble gravy. Coach Z lies about having some, while pretending to talk to his parents on the phone. It appears in the Easter egg at the "Left Out Characters' Support Group & Buffet" with The King of Town, The Poopsmith, and Pom Pom. Homestar Presents: Presents
Stuffinged Ham seems to be a pinkish substance with dark spots in it. Like gravied yams, Coach Z lies about having some, and it appears in the Easter egg. The King of Town tells Pom Pom not to bogart it. Homestar Presents: Presents

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