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This article is about the song. For the character, see Trogdor.
Burninating the countryside


Detailed Information

Album: Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits
Track: 1
Time: 1 minute 39 seconds
Artist(s): Strong Bad
Style: Thrash Metal
Origin: Extended version of the song from Strong Bad Email #58 dragon. Also appears on the DVD in karaoke form.


Trogdor was a man
I mean, he was a dragon man
Er, maybe he was just a dragon
But he was still TROGDOR!

Burninating the countryside
Burninating the peasants
Burninating all the peoples
In their thatched-roof COTTAGES!

{guitar solo starts up}

Whoa! Listen to those wicked dueling guitar solos! It's like squeedly vs. meedly over here. Go squeedly! Go squeedly! SQUEEDLY WINS!

When all the land is in ruin
And burnination has forsaken the countryside
Only one guy will remain
My money's on


And the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIGHT!


Trogdor in Guitar Hero II
  • The "meedly" in the wicked dueling guitar solos is a reference to Strong Bad Email #36 guitar.
  • The Brothers Chaps use this version in Happy Trogday.
  • The song has been reported to be an unlockable bonus track in the as-yet-unreleased game Guitar Hero II for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 (see the screenshot at the right and the demonstration video on YouTube).
    • The partial description given for the song in the game's menu reads
The Trogdor song from
the Strong Bad Email
'dragon' was actually an
afterthought that was
added at the last minute.
Mike was finishing up
the cartoon and Matt
suddenly started
screaming the chorus
while making eggs

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