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Behold the Resolution!

ULTIMATE TROGDOR!!! is a much more powerful and evolved form of Trogdor seen exclusively in the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People season finale 8-Bit is Enough. He is modeled after the style Strong Bad originally presented to Telltale Games. He is designed in the style of early fifth generation video games, giving his model a very polygonal and pixelated appearance, with low-res, repeating textures. He can be killed if the Trog-sword is used on his weak points. However, his weak points are only revealed through Gel-arshie's special ability. According to Homestar Runner, imprisoned in the dungeon where Ultimate Trogdor resides, this effect could have also been achieved with an item known only as a "Bloodstone", which is never seen. This could be a reference to the Blood Stone from the expansion pack for Doom 3. After being defeated by Strong Bad, Ultimate Trogdor caused the surrounding dungeon to collapse, making it, according to Homestar, a "load-bearing dragon". At the end, it is revealed that part of the game is a dream and the real Trogdor is still alive, bringing in to question whether or not Ultimate Trogdor is real or one of Strong Bad's dreams.

The beast, much like standard Trogdor, is compelled to burninate any and every peasant he can find, no matter the circumstances. He has always been seen with four pillars around him, used to "sacrifice" things (mainly peasants) to him. After the battle, the TROGDOR! arcade machine plays a game called "Trogdor's 3D-ungeon", a game where Ultimate Trogdor must burninate a certain number of peasants within the allotted time, or Ultimate Strong Bad will kill him.

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