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Come on in heeeere! I'm Gfdgsgxgzgdrc. (It's frightening to spell, memorize, or pronounce, so you can just call me Dead Guy Perez, alternately known as the DGP.) I am a vampire and

hegtcX1.png Gfdgsgxgzgdrc
Buy a bag, go home in a userbox!
Major ContriBOOtions


I've created quite a few pages in my thyme. All of them are listed here in order of creation, not including redirects I've made that have been expanded into pages by other users. The same goes for all the following sections.



Disambiguation Pages

English Subtitles



I'm working on a few big wiki projects. Here is thems.

April Fools'

April Fools' Jokes and Other Baleeted Nonsense ended, so I gotta document my pranks somewhere.

Year User Page Talk Page Signature
2012 Changed my user page so that the text was backwards, all image descriptions read "The Homsar", and every quote was a Homsar, Senor Cardgage, or Drive-Thru Whale quote. Changed my signature to "some guy" written upside down, and other weird stuff.
2015 Changed my user page to celebrate various holidays, except April Fools' Day.

2016 Changed my user page to look like I was a new user. Added fake messages to my talk pages, leading up to a fake ban and deletion of my user page. Changed my signature to the entirety of the Mr. Shmallow toon page. Upon being reverted, changed it to a randomly chosen Homestar Runner quote, linking to a random page.
2017 Changed my user page to look glitchy, with a random username in the page title. Changed my talk page to a mildly edited version of last year's prank. Changed my signature to be super huge and glitchy, linking to a random user page.
2018 Changed my user page to look like Strong Bad hacked it. Compressed all the messages on my talk page so that each message was only a few words. Extended my signature.
2019 Changed my user page to look like an early website, borrowing elements of Strong Bad's and Homestar's websites. Couldn't think of anything for my talk page. Changed my signature to randomly choose from other users' signatures (with my username, linking to the original user) or my own signature (with other usernames, linking to my own page).
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