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Current thoughts: The fanstuff wiki just got a cool new redesign by me. Check it out. Or maybe don't. I dunno. It's pretty cool. — 8/3/17

Greetings, one and everyone! Helscome my wedsite. I'm Gfdgsgxgzgdrc. (It's a hassle to spell, memorize, or pronounce, so you can just call me Gfd.) Homestar Runner has always been an important part of my life. I've been around here for 7 years now, and I've made over 4,000 edits since 2010. Mostly Gnome work and other minor stuff, although I've done a few major contributions too (as you can see in the section below). I'm a sysop on the Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki 2 (along with SRMX12, who's pretty great), as well as a Scratcher (I've made a few Homestar Runner games if you're interested). If you think this is an interesting userpage and/or you would like to read some more pointless facts about me, feel free to continue reading. If you don't, stop wasting your time.

Most users seem to have some interesting story about how they discovered Homestar Runner and/or the wiki, or at least some other Homestar-related history. I am not one of these people. I'm not even sure when I discovered the site or the wiki. In my early days as a young, inexperienced wiki user, most of my edits were pretty terrible. I was an annoying, bad-grammary (is there a word for that?) user who never did anything helpful; far from the mature-ish, strict grammarian I am today. In 2013, I took a break from wiki editing for some reason I don't exactly remember. I came back around the time I Killed Pom Pom was released, when Homestar Runner started updating somewhat regularly again, as a kinda professional, good user who actually improved the wiki. Since then, I've been editing more than ever before. And that's pretty much my entire wiki history.

Outside of Homestar Runner, I like drawing, art, and comics (both reading and writing them). Some of my favorite foods include blueberries, ice cream sandwiches, and pasta. My favorite color is red, in case anyone was wondering. I maybe like some TV shows and movies and I listen to probably some bands. Feel free to check out some of my fanstuff over at the HRFWiki2, such as Gfd's Quote of the Time (which I attempt to update regularly), Homestar Runner Online?, Strong Bad's New Cool Game for Awesome People, me as a (somewhat unsettling) Homestar Runner character, and a bunch more. I 'spose that's enough about me for now. Here's the rest of my userpage. Check it out!

Senor Cardgage Mortgage helped consolidate my whole life into this tiny userbox.
Major Contributions



I've created quite a few pages in my time. All of them are listed here in order of creation.


I've also created several categories.

Disambiguation Pages

I created these disambiguation pages.

*I originally created these as redirects before they were changed into disambiguation pages by other users.


Userboxes For You

I made these userboxes. You can put 'em on your userpage if you want.

Sample Source
{{userbox | border=red | mainbkgd=black | codebkgd=red | codecolor=#000000 | code=[[Image:VectorStrongBadShaded.png|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">'''THIS USER'S HEAD [[Vector Strong Bad|<span style="color:red">A SPLODE</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=#000000 | mainbkgd=#A9A9A9 | codebkgd=#000000 | codecolor=#00FF00 | code=[[File:Alternate universe.png|50px]] | msg=Stiny! This user is '''[[alternate universe|a visitor from an alternate universe!]]'''}}
{{userbox | border=#000 | mainbkgd=#F90 | codebkgd=#3C3 | codecolor=white | code=[[Image:Xerioux H Star.png|50px]] | msg=This user is '''[[Xeriouxly Forxe|revamped for the nineties!]]'''}}
{{userbox | border=green | mainbkgd=lime | codebkgd=green | codecolor=green | code=[[File:cantsayjob.png|50px]] | msg=Oh, jeez. This user's just '''[[A Jorb Well Done|not cut out to say the word jaerb]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=red | mainbkgd=orange | codebkgd=red | codecolor=red | code=[[File:Econowave.png|50px]] | msg=This user checks emails on '''[[sbemail206|kitchen appliances]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=green | mainbkgd=red | codebkgd=green | codecolor=green | code=[[File:chauncey.png|50px]] | msg=This user would like you to meet... '''[[sbemail206|Your long lost twin brother]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=#900 | mainbkgd=red | codebkgd=#C00 | codecolor=red | code=[[File:compy 386 side view.png|50px]] | msg=This user '''[[How do you type with boxing gloves on?|checks emails with boxing gloves]].}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#C60 | codebkgd=orange | codecolor=red | code=[[File:Dangeresque.PNG|30px]] | msg=This user fights the law. '''[[The theme from DANGERESQUE II: This time, it's not Dangeresque I|And also fights the crime, but not as much]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#C60 | codebkgd=orange | codecolor=red | code=[[File:sbemail80.png|50px]] | msg=This user works alone...'''[[The theme from DANGERESQUE II: This time, it's not Dangeresque I|except when they work with Renaldo, which is all the time]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#C60 | codebkgd=orange | codecolor=red | code=[[File:SBCG4AP Dangeresque.PNG|50px]] | msg=This user is a '''[[The theme from DANGERESQUE II: This time, it's not Dangeresque I|private eye, a crooked cop, a secret agent, and a celebrity pharmacist]]'''.}}
{{userbox | border=#006 | mainbkgd=blue | codebkgd=#63C | codecolor=red | code=[[File:homsar evolution current.png|40px]] | msg=<span style="color:#09C">This user is '''[[interview|<span style="color:white">a song from the sixties</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=#00C | mainbkgd=#9FC | codebkgd=#9FC | codecolor=red | code=[[File:StorybookHSR.png|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:#60F">Everyone loves this user. He/she is a '''[[Original Book|<span style="color:#60C">terrific athlete</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#900 | codebkgd=black| codecolor=red | code=[[File:limozeen.jpg|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">This user's favorite band is '''[[Limozeen|<span style="color:orange">Limozeen</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#900 | codebkgd=black| codecolor=red | code=[[File:Sloshy.png|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">This user's favorite band is '''[[sloshy|<span style="color:orange">sloshy</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#900 | codebkgd=black| codecolor=red | code=[[File:Taranchula.PNG|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">This user's favorite band is '''[[Taranchula|<span style="color:orange">Taranchula</span>]]'''.</span>}}
{{userbox | border=orange | mainbkgd=#900 | codebkgd=black| codecolor=red | code=[[File:cool tapes.PNG|50px]] | msg=<span style="color:red">This user's favorite band is '''[[Cool Tapes|<span style="color:orange">Cool Tapes</span>]]'''.</span>}}
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