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Classic Stand-up Arcade Game Tennis Shorts
"Look at this guy. He's lookin' real cross-sectional."

Strong Bad draws a cross-sectioned The Cheat LIVE!

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Puppet The Cheat, Puppet Homestar

Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 (Twitter); Thursday, October 12, 2017 (YouTube)

Running Time: 4:23

Page Title: Maybe he will swear a cuss!


[edit] Transcript

{Only the beat plays in the background initially. The video is sideways.}

STRONG BAD: Oh man, everybody! It's Skills of an Artist LIVE! {slides a piece of paper with the title in front of the camera} Look at that! Skills of an Artist! {scrawls "LIVE!!" at the bottom} So live! Featuring musical guest: The Cheat!

{Puppet The Cheat appears in front of the camera, holding the Casio keyboard; he makes excited noises over Strong Bad's next line}

STRONG BAD: There he is, The Cheat, give it up for The Cheat! Alright, The Cheat! Hit it!

{The iconic music from dragon starts in the background, with occasional mistakes}

STRONG BAD: Oh yes. So live. You guys don't know what could happen! Poor quality audio! Even worse video! And maybe I'll accidentally swear a cuss! Oh, this gonna be so good. Okay, today, we're doing a dual scientific and spooky illustration of: a cross-section of-a The Cheat. That's right, let's do it. Okay. So first, The Cheat has a stout... chest-chin. Wouldn't you say? So let's do a big {draws a C curve} C. For chest-chin. And then, we make a reaper's scythe. {draws lines from the top of the C that resemble The Cheat's head} Jabbin' right into that chest-chin, look at that thing. Alright, don't forget. {draws the swirl on The Cheat's "chest-chin"} Cinnamon swirl. Oh— let's correct it. {adjusts the swirl to point more inward} There we go. That's a cinnamon swirl... for the ages. And then over here for his arm... {draws a rough curved line for The Cheat's right arm} we do what I like to call "the rotten banana". {starts adding dots to the arm} Some bruises on that banana... oh, yeah. This thing's ready for banana bread. {finishes and moves his arm away} Look at that. Okay, now. {draws a couple of bumps below the "chest-chin"} Paunch it down, over here, for The Cheat's low-paunch. There we go. {draws a curvy line across the bottom} Briiing it across. And now... for the cross-section, paunch it back up— {draws slightly smaller, mirroring bumps on the right side} —and then— {makes sound effects as he draws lines that close the shape off on the right; it now resembles an eyeless The Cheat that has been sliced down the middle} Aw, look at that. There's quite an incision. And The Cheat... {starts drawing an outline inside the "sliced" side} has a really thick hide. So let's... {sound effect as he finishes off the outline} Look at that. That is a— one thick Cheat pelt. So he can take a lotta kickin's! Okay, so, now, let's fill 'im up with the cross-section. So, here we go. {draws a lumpy shape inside the head area} Cabbage meat, for the brain. And maybe some ribs stickin' out here... {draws a bone structure in the middle area} Oh, those are... some good meat on those ribs. And down— down, you know, here, we got, uh— {scribbles a few vague shapes inside the lower region} questionable... lower... intestums. Oh, yeah. Look at this guy. He's lookin' real cross-sectional. Oh, also, we forgot. {gives The Cheat X'd out eyes} This Cheat... is dead. Contrary to the song... this Cheat is so dead. Alright, so... you can't have a cross-section like this... without the other half! So let's do it! {draws a curve up to the right of the Cheat half} Bennnd it up this way. And then over here we got... {starts drawing spiky shapes from the top of the line, resembling The Cheat's tuft of hair} palm tree. Palm tree. For The Cheat's hair. You know what I'm sayin'. And let's do another... {draws an arm similar to the first below the tuft} rotten banana. You got it. {sound effect as he adds a line between the arm and the tuft} And then paunch it down here for the end of him. {quickly closes off the other half of The Cheat in a similar fashion to the first} Alright, so. While I fill in the rest of his spots here, The Cheat! Go crazy! Let's hear: Teen Girl Squad!

{The background tune changes to the Teen Girl Squad theme as Strong Bad adds spots to The Cheat's side. He's soon done and waits for the tune to finish.}

STRONG BAD: Nice work! Alright, back to the goods! {regular music resumes} Now, what could have made such a precise cut like this? You guessed it: broken Cold Ones bottle. {draws the top of a broken bottle in the space above where The Cheat has been split, making sound effects as he does so; he adds a bottle rim and a shiny spot on the corner} Little shiny on there. Look at that. And here's some— {adds lines for emphasis between the bottle and the left half of The Cheat} — upward majesty, to uh... illustrate the cut... {draws similar lines below the bottle} Aw, look at that. Fwoosh. Fwoosh. {draws motion lines above the bottle} Nature's Wave, right down there, slicin' The Cheat in twain! Oh, man. I hope you guys are following along at home. Everybody. With your boxing gloves on. {pause} Um... I dunno. That's pretty good. How did this work? Is this terrible? Do you want more? Should I respond or even look at any of your comments? Well, we'll find out later, won't we? Thank you everyone for tuning in to the Skills of an Artist LIVE! Oh, don't forget to always sign-a your work. {scrawls his name in the bottom left corner of the drawing, along with a fanged frowning face} There we go. Thanks a lot, everybody! Take it easy! How do I get outta this thing?! It won't let me do it! I don't know how to turn it off! I'on't know what to do! Oh man! Oh!

{Puppet Homestar appears in an extreme close-up}

PUPPET HOMESTAR: I don't know what to do! What're you guys doing here? Hey, get out of my room! What are you guys doing in here? You gotta get out of here! Get out of here right now— {the video is finally cut off}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • This was streamed at about 3 PM ET, and is the second streamed Homestar Runner video, the first being Episode 86 of Coffee Town with Homestar & Mike on Instagram. In both videos, it takes a few seconds to figure out how to end it.
  • The Tweet text reads, "Skills of an Artist LIVE! Now!"
  • The YouTube description reads, "A lo-fi archive of Strong Bad's live drawing of a cross-sectioned The Cheat!"

[edit] Inside References

[edit] YouTube Version

  • The video is in landscape orientation, instead of sideways as it was in the Twitter version.

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