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"If I act all sleepy and throw a bunch of cinnamon on my face, it's usually enough to throw 'em off."

Homestar Runner occasionally wears cinnamon on his face to simulate early-morning stubble as part of his nighttime attire. Naturally, this popular spice has also appeared in actual foodstuffs.

[edit] As a foodstuff

[edit] As body hair

According to the DVD commentary for the Strong Bad Email caper, The Brothers Chaps used a "trick" for making stubble in their old movies: they would put cinnamon on their faces.

[edit] Appearances

  • Debut: Email caper — Homestar Runner walks onto The Field in his night clothes apparently with five-o'clock shadow. Homestar comments that "it's cinnamon".
  • Homestar Presents: Presents — Homestar Runner wakes up with five-o'clock shadow cinnamon on his face.
  • Email secret identity — Homestar Runner walks out from behind Bubs' Motor Lodge wearing his cinnamon beard, a robe and gold shirt that reads "I ♥ Toxic Waste", and his bunny slippers.
  • Weclome Back — Homestar Runner wakes up from a long nap with cinnamon on his face.
  • Email slumber party — In an Easter egg, Homestar dances with cinnamon on his face.
  • Late night Store Thank You Message — Homestar has cinnamon on his face.
  • Email yes, wrestling — Homestar has cinnamon on his chest.
  • Email nightlife — Homestar has cinnamon on his face while sleepwalking.
  • Email hiding — Homestar has cinnamon on his face after coming out of the bathtub.
  • Email email thunder — Homestar puffs some cinnamon on his face in a flashback to the email caper, revealing that his dishevelled appearance in that email was deliberate. This is notably the first time he is actually seen applying the spice onto his face.
  • Email dictionary — Homestar is seen reading a dictionary with cinnamon on his face.
  • Email too cool — Believing Senor Cardgage's cursed video to be an R-rated movie, Homestar declares himself a man and starts shaking cinnamon all over his face. "8 to 7 years later", he still has the cinnamon "stubble".
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