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"How— how— h— h— how— how's that for hot tape?"

Tucker Donaldson claims to be the representative for the fake websites halloweensafety.gov and campussafety.gov. Although he is never seen, he has left angry messages on two answering machines. The first, in an Easter egg, was on "Mikezipan's Answering Machine", to complain to The Brothers Chaps when they tried to "raise awareness" about halloweensafety.gov but ended up making a cartoon about Homestar Runner in roadsign-related costumes. He later called Marzipan after Cool Tapes apparently caused a riot at a student union. He says that he can be called at "Tucker Tuckerson at donaldsafety.gov".

Tucker Donaldson tends to stutter a lot, and his messages are presented in lower sound quality, like real phone messages, unlike other characters' messages (except John Linnell as The Poopsmith), which are presented at normal sound quality.

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