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"I spotted this incredibly HAMdsome pig in @tbbgco's game All Hams On Deck!"

Colin McInerney is a game designer and developer who has collaborated with The Brothers Chaps on multiple occasions, most prominently contributing to Stinkoman 20X6 and Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate.

[edit] Contributions to Homestar Runner

McInerney was credited as a playtester in the December 2020 release of Stinkoman 20X6 level 10, offering on his site that Homestar Runner "is one of my lifelong passions". @StrongBadActual thankfully proclaimed "No one else would have so bravely waded into testing a 15 year old web game for a dead media player!!"

He was credited as a Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate programmer in August 2023. His website elaborates: "I provided general Unity/programming assistance, and was responsible for creating a custom dialogue box manager that sat on top of Adventure Creator. This allowed me to re-add features like special graphics for thinking textboxes, positioning the little speech tags, and a bunch of other fun tweakable things to make sure the text boxes were buttery-smooth." McInerney also programmed the Rig Rug minigame.

McInerney is among those thanked in the Trogdor!! The Board Game Magicks & 'Mergencies Expando Deck.

[edit] Other Collaborations

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All Hams On Deck was likened to a combination of Pigs on Head and Population: Tire.

In September 2018, Strong Bad responded to a Trogdor reference in the virtual reality game Job Simulator by proposing a "VR train-dropping simulator" to Owlchemy Labs. McInerney, who worked at Owlchemy at the time, responded and the ensuing conversation discussed the then-upcoming VR Austin Jam and potentially remaking StrongBadZone in 3D virtual reality. McInerney designed and programmed the VR game Eye, Eye, Cap'n! in 24 hours for the aforementioned VR Austin Jam that November; Matt Chapman provided the voice for Cap'n Capman, whose name alludes to "Chapman". @StrongBadActual promoted the game, noting the voice's similarity to Old-Timey Strong Bad. In Owlchemy Labs' 2019 game Vacation Simulator, Matt is again listed among the voice cast.

The Bread & Butter Game Co., a small game cooperative McInerney worked at from 2019 through 2023, released the game All Hams On Deck in January 2020. The game reused Matt's voice clips from Eye, Eye, Cap'n and featured Mike Chapman as the voice of Hog Bad, a pig who looks like Strong Bad. In turn, @StrongBadActual promoted the game in January and September 2020.

In October 2020, Colin appeared as a guest on two episodes of Homestar Runner fan podcast Come On, Fhqwhpods!, discussing Where's The Cheat? and band names.

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