Keepers of Trogdor

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This article is about the song. For the characters, see The Keepers of Trogdor.
"Keepin' for Trogdor like a family!"


[edit] Detailed Information

Album: Trogdor!! The Board Game Rulebook EP
Track: 3
Time: 1 minute 6 seconds
Artist(s): Some Variety of Neville
Style: Pop ballad/Theme music
Origin: None

[edit] Lyrics

They're the Keepers of Trogdor and they're livin' their lives
Tryin' to make sure Trogdor survives
A mysterious bunch, but soon you will learn
They each have a power you can use on your turn!

Keepin' for you! (la la la la)
Creepin' for me! (la la la la)
Keepin' for Trogdor like a family!
Hegeltha and Brovelade, Yubbitz and Stonklar
Everybody has a great power that you don't have to recharge!
(Except Hardybardy)
(That you don't have to recharge!)
(Except Hardybardy)

TV ANNOUNCER: The Keepers of Trogdor is filmed in front of a live studio audience.


KEEPER 1: Who left the lid of the peanut butter jar up?
KEEPER 2: I think you mean toilet seat, yes?
KEEPER 1: There's a difference?


GRUFF ANNOUNCER: Weekdays at 7:30.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • Like Some Variety of Neville's previous song, this is patterned after sitcom themes. Announcers at the end of the song resemble real announcements that would come after these theme songs.
  • The first Keeper who speaks is likely Hardybardy, due to his Keeper card stating he has a "deep, overlordy voice".
  • The second Keeper who speaks is likely Crangolev, due to her Keeper card stating she "probably ends sentences by going 'yesss?' a lot".

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