The Wraparound

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"Wraparound! From the east to the west!"


[edit] Detailed Information

Album: Trogdor!! The Board Game Rulebook EP
Track: 4
Time: 1 minute 7 seconds
Artist(s): Coach Z
Style: Rap
Origin: None

[edit] Lyrics

Now here's a praeblem Boardelectrix had to contend with:
How you make a five-by-five grid seem endless?
Can't have the bad guys stuck in the ground,
So whaddaya do? You give 'em wraparound!

Wraparound! From the east to the west!
Let's wraparound! From the right to the left!
Got to wraparound, narth to south,
I'm rappin' wraparound with my invisible mouth!

Let's say I'm a peasant on the far left of the board:
I want to move west, but I can't be ignored!
How I'm supposed to reach my desired destination?
Wraparound the map around with no hesitation!

Oh, wraparound! Archers and knights!
The wraparound! All the peasants unite!
They do the wraparound, sisters and brothers,
Let's wrap around the map from one side to the other!

Ohh, dag! I give a shout to Wormdingler!
Roberta Williams, the King's Quest!
The wraparound...
Sorry, Tragdor! You can't do it.

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