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"It all started with a brave little tweet!"

Jez Swanson is a software engineer, and the main programmer of Stinkoman 20X6's tenth level. He is also credited alongside the Brothers Chaps for level 10 development and additional music.

In September 2017, the @StrongBadActual Twitter account posted an animated GIF of "Stinkoman level 10 relic[s]" featuring multiple enemy sprites. Jez Swanson (@jezzamonn) replied with an offer to code the rest of the game, to which @StrongBadActual responded "You better watch out or Videlectrix gone hire you! How do you feel about Actionscript 1.terrible?". Swanson confirmed that he was familiar with ActionScript, and went on to become the official programmer of level 10.

In April 2018, Jez Swanson made a GIF of Stinkoman punching a picture of Bubs (referencing the next april fools thing). @StrongBadActual tweeted the GIF, thanking Swanson and telling him to "get back to work on level 10".

Upon the level's release in December 2020, @StrongBadActual gave a "huge shoutout to [Jez's] incredible patience, programming, development, and actionscript archaeology".

The player character from Swanson's Flash game BounceBot can be found as an unused enemy within the files of Stinkoman 20X6's level 10 update.

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