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The master of the word switching ocupation and the reformating word...if...ication...I guess...Other skills include:

  • Making pages for disambiguation
  • Filling articles with useful information
  • Revertation of troll attacks one I can see that it is an imitation
  • Useful page creation (see below)
  • Grammar fixation
  • Transformation and organization of pages that need to be cleaned up (see below)

Things I've Done

My Best Ideas

Major Cleanups

  • Suggested table for Secret Pages (see that discussion here) as well as a lot of the actual cleanup.
  • Split up products into separate pages on Store along with Lapper

My Created Pages

Fun Facts Sections I've Split Up

Other Stuff

  • All the image transcription in Happy Trogday during the NIIIIIIGGGGHHHT! section
  • Added Colors section to Lappy 486 Quick Facts
  • Created fun fact "Change of Pace" for do over, which went through an intense STUFF process.

Other Cool Things

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