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Hello I'm Austio888888 or just Austio for short. So check out my Userboxes to see more info on me. I've been here awhile and know a lot about H*R Wiki. So if you have any questions or just want to say something to me go here.Also I love Strong Bad because of his hilarious attitude.

How I Came To Love H*R

I believe I came across when a young friend of mine came over with some funny dvds he called them. Those dvd's were Everything Else 1 and all four sbemail dvds. After watching First Time Here? I wondered if the website actually existed and wouldn't you know it did. Then, after watching every episode at least twice I looked on wikipedia and found HR Wiki thus bringing me here.


You can see all my Contribs right HERE

My Odd Username

I've had many other usernames on pretty much all cool websites some of those names are.

  1. Flamer8965 origin- neopets (3 years ago)
  2. Austio888888 origin- runescape (2 year ago)
  3. DarkcloudClock origin- newgrounds (2 year ago)

So if you see any of these names on any websites It's probably me.(note: I havn't been to neopets, runescape, or newgrounds since the beginning of July 206 except neopets that was at least 1 year before the other ones.)

My Sbemail

Check out the email I sent Strong Bad this week.

(I send a new one every Sunday)

H*R Personality Test


Stuff I Like Other Than H*R

I like other things other than H*R and these things are...

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