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Characters seem to fall into bottomless pits, trap doors, or death holes on occasion. The prospect of falling into a bottomless pit was first mentioned by Strong Bad in 2 emails. Since then, several characters have found themselves falling into one of these pits. Interestingly, Homestar Runner has fallen into several holes, but has yet to completely fall through one. Once, he landed on Strong Mad, and another time, the hole was only a few feet deep. On a rather depressing note, What's Her Face points out that "When you fall in a bottomless pit, you die of starvation."

[edit] Appearances

  • Email 2 emails — Strong Bad speculates that a bus full of ladies fell off a bottomless cliff and into a bottomless pit.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 4 — When So and So walks off with Brett Bretterson, she falls into the school's "Fighting Growlbacks Bottomless Spirit Pit". She then asks for food items and assignments.
  • PAY PLUS!The Cheat uses a single-button remote control to activate a "bottomless" pit below Homestar in Strong Bad's computer room. However, Homestar lands on Strong Mad in the basement, having only fallen two feet.
  • Email — Strong Bad tells email sender Fabrosi that a "cute baby brother" can help to get ladies, and Strong Sad walks in, only to fall through a trapdoor.
  • Cool Things — Due to his dripping yellow cool shades, Homestar falls into a "death hole" that only comes up to his head. He keeps screaming even after he lands, even getting quieter as though he is falling farther, before proclaiming that he is "at the bottom of a giant pit".
  • Email mini-golf — The eighteenth hole of miniature golf courses is described by Strong Bad as a "bottomless-hole-that-sucks-your-golf-ball-away-forever hole". At Sweet Puttin' Cakes, this has a unique twist: putting your ball into the hole causes it to fall out of the sky shortly thereafter, due to the unusual physics of the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes world.
  • Email your edge — Strong Bad and The Cheat, in an attempt to be edgy, cut a hole through the floor and accidentally fall through it into the darkened basement (again on top of Strong Mad).
  • The Show: Ween EditionThe King of Town is brought out of a trap door to guess what Homestar thinks his costume is. When he fails to correctly guess, he falls back through the trap door.

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