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The different costumes of Bubs.

Image Costume Seen in
Chef Email privileges
"This'll grow you some nice fish-corn bushes." A Strong Badian native Email colonization
"We're going gaga over slashed prices!" A Baby Senorial Day
"Our competition is a total racket!" John McEnroe Senorial Day
"I'm the Hoppity Frog of Value!" The Hoppity Frog of Value Senorial Day
"You'll save like a demon or my name's not Bubs Concession Stand." A demon Senorial Day
"Looks like we should have been playing 'keep Strong Mad off the High Dive for pete's sake, man'!" With waterwings Email keep cool
With a tie Email your funeral
"Time to get back to tasering that Gnome- I mean-!" Office worker Email from work
"You WORT!?" With a bowtie Date Nite
Toga DNA Evidence
Fireman helmet Ever and More
"Uh... I'm a public flasher!" Trenchcoat Email licensed
"Dad, Tina and I are moving in together." Strong Bad's son Email rated
"You didn't tell me you were having a holiday special over." Black winter hat A Death Defying Decemberween
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