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"What are you doing just sitting around?"

Commercials collide as both Senor Cardgage and Bubs attempt to draw people to their respective Senorial Day sales.

Cast (in order of appearance): Balding Man, Senor Cardgage, Wagon Fulla Pancakes, Bubs, Homestar Runner, Mustachioed Homestar Runner, Bear holding a Shark, Strong Bad, Strong Sad (Easter egg)

Places: Balding Man's Living Room, The Field, Bubs' Concession Stand, Strong Badia, Alleyway

Date: Monday, May 30, 2005

Running Time: 2:50

Page Title: Battle of the Network Stars!!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 2


[edit] Transcript

{Balding Man sits looking depressed in his wood-paneled living room in an aqua-green lounge chair while holding a canned cold one and watching TV. Light music plays in the background.}

NARRATOR: Say there, "husband of the year", {Balding Man looks at the camera} what are you doing just sitting around?

{Balding Man gives a loud, long sigh.}

NARRATOR: When you could be sitting around huge savings {Balding Man gives a big smile} at the Senorial Day Tent Event Supra Sale!!!

{The last six words are printed across the screen, and "Supra Sale" is echoed.}

{Balloons float up as the scene wipes to reveal Senor Cardgage standing in the Field in front of a portable tent covering the small shrub. Two strands of multicolored pennant streamers hang in front of and behind the tent.}

SENOR CARDGAGE: Gamble[1] around the campfire, children! It's Senor Cardgage with the Senorial Day Tent thing that guy talked about.

{The next scene tumbles in from the center. Still in the Field, Senor Cardgage stands in front of the Gremlin with a strand of pennant streamers overhead.}

SENOR CARDGAGE: It won't be here forever. So come see me {pull back to reveal the Wagon Fulla Pancakes at Senor Cardgage's feet} and this little dog {indicating the wagon} for vera low prices!!

{"VERA LOW PRICES!!" flashes on the screen.}

{The screen shifts to a blue screen with "Tent Event" printed all over it. As the narrator names off the following years, the numbers fly across the screen.}

NARRATOR: 2005! 2004! 1999!

{Scene shifts back to the awning and the shrub.}

SENOR CARDGAGE: Those were all good years. Don't let another minute go you by.

{The screen turns to static for a moment as the channels apparently change, and we now see Bubs at his concession stand.}

BUBS: Hey there, every peoples! Come check out my circumstance this Senorial Day Weekend for Bubsotathon!!

{The screen pans out, and we can see a star-spangled "BUBSOTATHON!!" banner above the concession stand. Two Homestar Runners can barely be seen flanking the stand. Both throw confetti.}

LEFT HOMESTAR RUNNER: {fireworks noises} Pekyoo! Hgyoo! Pghyoo! Doo! Pehw! Wehw! {normal voice} Explosions! Fireworks!

{Cut to Strong Badia. Bubs is standing next to the Stop Sign and the Tire. The Tire has been painted to read "LOW SAViNGS".}

BUBS: {holding up the Tire} We're so tired of low savings, we're givin' 'em this boot!

{He pulls a 'Lectric Boot out from behind his back and hits the tire with it. An unseen audience groans. Bubs throws both props over his shoulder.}

BUBS: Would I lie to my own flesh and blood?

{Homestar walks in from stage right, with false Bubs teeth drawn on his jaw in marker and a paper ring taped over his left eye.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That's right, Bubba daddy!

{The Tire and the Boot are seen falling behind the fence. The Bear holding a Shark gets triggered and pops up as they land. The channel changes back to Senor Cardgage, back in front of the Gremlin. Strong Bad walks up from stage right with an American football in hand.}

STRONG BAD: Yes, excuse me, sir. Can I have some tremendous savings? And your autograph? {holds up the ball}

SENOR CARDGAGE: {writing on the football with a marker} My left name is "Tremendous Savings", Ms. America! {grabs the football and winds up to throw it, indicating for Strong Bad to go long} Go out for a pass!

STRONG BAD: {smiling} You bet! Hit me on the slant! {runs offscreen}

{Senor Cardgage pauses for a moment, then drops his arms, still holding the football.}

SENOR CARDGAGE: Bring on down your whole fambly! We'll set up some tents {an image of a tent hovers on the left side of the screen} and hot dogs {an image of a hot dog hovers on the right} for your... babies. {scratching his head} Those like those, right?

{Channel changes back to Bubs, who is back at his concession stand. He's wearing a pink baby bonnet and holding a rattle.}

BUBS: We're going gaga {rattles the rattle} over slashed prices!

{As he says this, a serrated blade emerges from the end of the rattle and the word "PRICES" appears at the bottom of the screen. He slashes "PRICES" in two with the blade. The audience groans. Bubs ducks down, then returns with a wig and a tennis racquet.}

BUBS: Our competition is a total racket!

{The audience groans again. Bubs ducks down again and returns with a bean bag that looks vaguely like Strong Sad's head on a plate.}

BUBS: We're getting a head of the rest.

{More groans. Bubs now switches the plate for a giant frog mask.}

BUBS: I'm the hoppity-frog of value!

{Audience says "Huh?" in unison. Bubs switches props to a rubber chicken.}

BUBS: We're holding up a novelty rubber chicken and playing a cartoony sound effect {He raises his left hand to cue a pair of cartoony "boing" sound effects} of savings!

{Channel changes back to Senor Cardgage, who is back in front of the awning and shrub.}

SENOR CARDGAGE: You doe NOT want to miss {"Doe NOT Miss Out" appears at the bottom of the screen.} any Senorial Day savings action!

{Cut to file footage of an urban alley, where Senor Cardgage is sleeping in an orange sleeping bag, using his Aldi Bags as a pillow. A box labeled "UNLABELED BOX" can be seen to the left. Senor Cardgage snores loudly as cars honk their horns in the background. Cut back to the Gremlin, where Senor Cardgage is still holding Strong Bad's football.}

SENOR CARDGAGE: Wake up! Senorial Day is here with the vengeance!

{Strong Bad returns.}

STRONG BAD: {uncertain} Uh, Mister Senor, sir? Can I have my football back?

SENOR CARDGAGE: You bet! How 'bout I hitcha on the slant?

{Senor Cardgage winds up to throw the ball, and Strong Bad dashes off again. After a moment's pause, Senor Cardgage again drops his arms, still holding the football. He then walks off, stage left. We cut to Strong Bad, still running in the other direction.}

STRONG BAD: I'm gonna get me a touchdown!

{Channel changes back to Bubs.}

BUBS: So come down around my Bubba Concession Stand — my Buh — my cassette — {music screeches to a halt} Ough! I even wrote this stuff and I can't remember my own lins.

{Another Bubs wearing devil horns and carrying a pitchfork rips open the screen.}

DEVIL BUBS: So come on by for Bubsotathon {The banner from earlier comes up from the bottom of the screen} where you'll save like a demon, or my name ain't {holds up a "VERY OFFICIAL IDENTIFICATION CARD"} Bubs Concession Stand!

{The channel changes to the wall of the Balding Man's living room, with ID cards that read "BACK" and "AGAIN".}

[edit] Footnote

  1. ^  This word may be "Gambol".

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • Directly viewing the Flash file reveals that, in the scene with two Homestars, the one on the right has a mustache.
  • When Senor Cardgage holds up Strong Bad's football the first time, click on the football to see what Senor Cardgage wrote (in very scrawly handwriting):
    This pen doesn't work, small girl
    T. Mendous Savings
  • At the very end, click on the narrow wood panel just to the left of the AGAIN card.
    {The Field at night. Crickets chirp in the background. Strong Sad walks on from stage left.}
    STRONG SAD: Oh, there's nothing like going out for a lonely lurk on a lovely spring night.
    {Strong Bad's football flies in from off in the distance and hits Strong Sad squarely in the back, knocking him over.}
    STRONG SAD: OHGH! Somebody hit me on the slant!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • Senorial Day was released on and is a takeoff of the U.S. holiday Memorial Day, during which there are often many much-hyped retail sales events.
  • A slant pattern is an American football play in which a potential receiver initially runs directly toward the endzone, but then, in an attempt to fake out a defender, changes direction and runs at an angle, or "slant."

[edit] Trivia

Bubs's ID card
  • Bubs's ID card reads:

    "I don't look half bad!"
  • The shading on the football in the first (close-up) Easter egg is a repeated heart shape, on its side.

[edit] Remarks

  • If Bubs can be trusted, then we learn his full name is "Bubs Concession Stand", a fact hinted at in the email other days where Bubs signs his "snail mail" to Strong Bad in the same manner.
  • When Strong Bad says "Mister Senor, sir", he is saying three different synonyms of the same word in a row (assuming we substitute "SeƱor" for "Senor").
  • This is the fifth instance of duplicate characters.
  • Normally, when Bubs faces a different direction, his mouth switches sides. However, when he is unable to remember his lines, his eyes move to the other side but his mouth doesn't.

[edit] Goofs

  • Bubs uses the rattle-knife to cut from upper left to lower right (from the viewer's perspective) but the cut which appears on the word "prices" goes from the upper right to lower left.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • Senor Cardgage addressing the Wagon Fulla Pancakes as "this little dog" is a nod to Cal Worthington, a used-car salesman from central California who was known for his ads featuring him and "his dog Spot" (who was never an actual dog but some tamed exotic animal).
  • Senor Cardgage calls Strong Bad "Miss America", which is a title given in a popular annual beauty pageant.
  • "Battle of the Network Stars" was an annual TV special in the late 70s that pitted stars from various TV shows teamed up by network (ABC vs NBC vs CBS) competing in various olympic-style events.
  • "Bubsotathon" has a very similar name to a sales event held by Toyota dealers called "Toyotathon." Similarly, Senorial Day Tent Event Supra Sale may be a reference to the Nissan Tent Event.
  • Bubs' line, "I even wrote this stuff and I can't remember my own lins" is a reference to Jack Rebney, the "Winnebago Man", who said a similar line during the infamous profanity-laden series of outtakes from a Winnebago commercial he did in 1988.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • Senor Cardgage sleeps in an alleyway again in candy product.
  • Homestar also sports a mustache in an Easter egg in, and would again imitate fireworks in the email 4 branches.
  • In the Easter egg Strong Sad says "Oh, there's nothing like going out for a lonely lurk on a lovely Spring night". Later, in the email trading cards, Strong Sad's Deathly Pallor card has the Lonely Lurker Attack.

[edit] DVD Version

  • The I.D. cards are missing at the end, replaced by "The End" written in big red letters.
  • The DVD version features creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

[edit] Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Strong Bad, Mike Chapman)

STRONG BAD: I love that guy, Mike.

MIKE: I like that guy too, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: I wanna make a cartoon with him.

MIKE: I wanna hang out in his living room. I like that wooden paneling and the orange carpet.

STRONG BAD: Yeah... I wanna drink one of them Cold Ones he's got, too. {pause} Oh! There he is, Mike!

MIKE: Yeah, uh, settle down—

STRONG BAD: Oh, oh! Look, Mike!

MIKE: Yeah, settle down...

STRONG BAD: Look at... the shine on that belly o' his.

MIKE: Well, you got a little shine on your belly, too.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, what it is is— Well, he's got a belly button. I'm very jealous. I think I have one in a couple cartoons.

MIKE: Yeah, I was gonna say I think you used to have one.

STRONG BAD: W— why did we put a tent over his shrub back there?

MIKE: He's protecting it from the rain, probably.

STRONG BAD: Oh, right, right...

MIKE: You know what rain does to bushes.

STRONG BAD: Yeah... it'll kill 'em. {pause} Wait a minute, aren't there, hey, aren't there...?

MIKE: Two Homestars.

STRONG BAD: Two Homestars?!

MIKE: If you... doesn't one of those have a mustache if you actually break apart the SWF and—

STRONG BAD: I dunno, you'll have to ask Matt.

MIKE: Matt? Uh, yeah, I think he would confirm that {laughs}.

STRONG BAD: That's gross. He turned into melty Bubs. Doesn't look like Bu— Oh! Ooh, look, there he is, Mike!

MIKE: Who, you?

STRONG BAD: Yeah! I look so good...

MIKE: So, I guess... there's still the... The verdict's not in as to whether or not Senor Cardgage actually exists or not.

STRONG BAD: I hope he does, Mike.

MIKE: Initially he just seemed to be this hypothetical thing, a vers— a version of you...

STRONG BAD: Right. That I made up— I made him up!

MIKE: That you made up...

STRONG BAD: But he's sort of loosely based on this dude who used to live down the street from us when we was kids.

MIKE: But now he just exists... in the world.


MIKE: ...And interacts with you.

STRONG BAD: But then he was in an alternate universe with me one time, so maybe he only sort of— What do you think that Strong Sad head is made out of, cheese cloth?

MIKE: {laughs} Heh, yeah, I was gonna say white burlap, but cheese cloth, eh, you're right.

STRONG BAD: You can get white burlap now? Oh, I'd be makin' everything outta white burlap. Let's go to the fabric store.

MIKE: There's one right above us; I'll throw you through the ceiling.

STRONG BAD: Doe not miss out, Mike. I love 'doe nots'. {Senor Cardgage is sleeping in the alley} That— I can't watch that, Mike.

MIKE: That's sad, it's—

STRONG BAD: This makes me wanna throw up and cry at the same time.

{Both laugh}

STRONG BAD: Yeah, wait a minute. This imaginary guy stole my football.

MIKE: Yeah, he just keeps it. You never got it back?

STRONG BAD: No, I don't think so... I was never 'hit on the slant'. I was runnin' the picket fence at 'em.

MIKE: That's a basketball.

STRONG BAD: Well, don't get caught watching the paint dry. That's what I know about that. {pause} Oh, he didn't get that lin right either, did he, Mike?

MIKE: {laughs}

STRONG BAD: So does this mean his real middle name is Concession?

MIKE: That's what I get from it.

STRONG BAD: Paaate...

MIKE: Is it over?

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