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School days daze
The Yearbook Character Page was a school-themed characters page, which directly preceded the current Character Videos page. It featured 11 main characters, which included The Poopsmith but didn't yet include Homsar. Selecting each character brings up a short description of his or her personality and role within the group, along with a repeating animated image. Strong Mad's character page was later featured in virus.

There is an "autographs" portion of the yearbook where some of the guys have signed "your" book for you. Their character traits are further emphasized by their comments and handwriting. Strong Sad's superb penmanship is seen here, as well as Pom Pom's phone numbers. Strong Bad's handwriting is not yet the common AhnbergHand that appears in all Teen Girl Squad comics. It can also be noted that Strong Mad can write, but spelling remains a hurdle.

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