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"WHAAAAAAAT are you doing?"

Visitors to on April 1, 2004, were greeted with the news that the website was Under Construction. The page seemed to indicate that the website no longer existed, and that a new one was under development by The only animation was a stick figure shoveling what appeared to be dirt in a yellow diamond warning sign. But after about ten seconds, Stinkoman entered and demanded to know what the stick figure, whom he named Sticklyman, was up to. Sticklyman said nothing, but made some moves that Stinkoman interpreted as asking for a challenge. A brief fight between the two ensued, with Stinkoman the victor. Shortly thereafter, 1-Up and Pan Pan enter to learn that they missed the challenge. But they are just in time to make a surprising discovery about the "dirt" Sticklyman was shoveling. (more...) watch

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