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"Homeslice" cuts some tracks with TMBG

Bad Jokes is the first Puppet Jam, which is a series of Puppet Stuff shorts involving different recording sessions with They Might Be Giants and Puppet Homestar Runner (known as "Homeslice" in the series) on vocals. These short and low-quality video clips were released shortly after the release of Puppet Time. In Bad Jokes, Homestar sings the title song as he refers to old jokes (such as "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and "What did zero say to eight?") and John Flansburgh joins in occasionally. The Puppet Jam series not only had a more improved video quality on the first volume of the Everything Else DVD series, but there were several more recording sessions found only on that DVD, and the DVD recordings from the website (including Bad Jokes) are different there than on the website. (more...) watch

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