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The Sign doin' what it does best.

The Stop Sign is the sign used in Strong Badia to proclaim the land's population to anyone who looks at it. It leans against the Cinder Block, though Strong Bad predicted the two would break up by September of 2005. To date, this has not come to pass. The Stop Sign, and the block with it, are actually the right foot of an unfinished monument to Strong Bad. The current population on the sign reads, "Pop: Tire". Strong Bad predicted that, also in 2005, it would be upped to include a bundt cake pan and Coach Z, a prediction that, again, has not yet come to pass. As noted in the SBCG4AP episode Baddest of the Bands, "Pop: Tire" also resembles "popped tire". However, Strong Bad was oblivious of this when he wrote it, it seems, and says that "it is pretty funny." (more...)

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