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"BLAAAAH'm Crack Stuntman."

Crack Stuntman is the voice actor for Gunhaver on the Cheat Commandos. He is a Caucasian man with short cropped blond hair, five o'clock shadow and sunglasses. He apparently doesn't take his job too seriously, since he doesn't have a firm idea of how his character's name is correctly pronounced, and has incorrectly referred to the cartoon as "the Cheat Command-show". Crack has been seen in a rap music video/public service announcement to convince kids not to play with too many knives and inform about Spring Break. He is also the national spokesperson of Pistols for Pandas, though it is questionable how much he takes this non-profit organization to heart. Also, during the recording of The Next Epi-Snowed, he is uncooperative and bossy, insisting on altering the show to his likeness, against the objections of the director, A. Chimendez, until the latter inserted his own character to remove Gunhaver from the episode and trap Crack Stuntman in a box. It has been suggested, until Pistols For Pandas, that he had lost his job and was replaced. He is based on G.I. Joe character, Sergeant Slaughter. (more...)

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